10 Fun Ways to Use Your Marvel Plushie

Food Lover’s Market is running a super cool promotion at the moment. Super because it involves Marvel and cool because it just is! We asked our customers, friends and family how they are using their Marvel Plushies, and we received some really great ideas, especially for the development of kids! Check out your answers.

  1. A Reward System

Many of my teacher friends are using their Marvel Plushies in the class as a reward system. Kids with exceptional behaviour during the week get to take a plushie home for the weekend.

  1. Develop Listening Skills

Kids don’t listen for many reasons, mostly because adults are boring. Listening is an incredibly important skill for kids to have, so let’s develop it in a fun way! Hide the plushie and give your little one instructions on how to find it, like a treasure hunt. Start with 3 instructions and increase the list when it becomes too easy. For old children, hide 2 plushies and provide 2 sets of instructions. 2 kids? Make it a race.

  1. Forget Elf on a Shelf – Use Thor on a Door!

Just before Christmas, Elfie comes out and monitors behaviour in fun and sometimes mischievous ways. The Marvel Plushies can do the same. Thor on a Door is a good starting point. Your imagination is the limit!

  1. Bag Tags

At most schools, kids all have the same bag. This is a nightmare when picking them up in a hurry. Let your Marvel Plushie save the day and prevent mix-ups. Hang your favourite character on their bag to differentiate it from the rest.

  1. Puppets

Puppets are fantastic for many reasons. For starters, they stimulate creative thought and storytelling. Secondly, puppets are often used to get children to express problems – your little one is unlikely to tell you that they are being bullied at school but would be more comfortable telling you the story of Spiderman being picked on by The Black Widow.

  1. Pram Toys or a DIY Mobile

Babies observe everything in their environment, and all these observations lead to their development. Hang plushies within eyeshot and watch them track their movement. Why is this important? This tracking skill is used later in life for many things, including learning to read!

  1. #Instagram!

Older kids love taking photos, and many have social media accounts. A popular trend is to take photos with a plushie and post it, tagging the plushie and location—#BlackPantherFLM.

  1. Cat Toy

Spray some cat nip on your Marvel Plushie and watch Spiderman become a barrel of fun for your little panther. Attach the plushie to a piece of string and drag it around the house!

  1. Key Ring

Always losing your keys? If you had a Marvel helping you, this wouldn’t happen; like Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer), they would always find their way back to you.

  1. Rearview Mirror Decoration

Pimp your ride with this snazzy rear view mirror decoration. Hang 1 character, or hang them all for full Marvel power!

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