280000 meals delivered to hungry people

Over 280000 meals will be delivered to hungry people, thanks to you, our customers!

A huge thank you from Food Lover’s Market and Tru-Cape Apples to all our customers for the support during our World Hunger Day campaign. In total, through your support, we have been able to contribute towards proving 283,648 meals to hungry children throughout South Africa, by raising nearly a quarter of a million rand!

World Hunger Day was launched by The Hunger Project in 2011 and aims to inspire people all over the world to show their support for the women, men and children that are ending their own hunger and poverty. More than 795 million people worldwide go to bed hungry each night and the focus of this year’s campaign is good nutrition.

Says Andrew Millson, Head of Earth Lovers, “At Food Lover’s Market we aspire to a South Africa that is hunger-free. With 14 million South Africans going hungry everyday, Food Lover’s Market – through its Earth Lovers’ pillar – wants to make a sustainable, impactful difference in the communities in which we operate. A big part of this is to address hunger through our partnership with FoodForward SA.

“The goals of the Hunger Project aligned with our company ethos and through our partnership with Tru-Cape Apples and FoodForward SA we have not only managed to shine a spotlight on these issues, but raise a significant amount of money that has been donated to Food Forward SA, enabling them to continue with the hugely impactful work they do.’

Tru-Cape Managing Director Roelf Pienaar says: “We take our responsibility for the livelihoods of 15, 200 people involved in our business very seriously as we all rely on the successful sale of South African apples and pears to put food on our tables. The good news is that Tru-Cape apples are energy rich and nutrient dense and a perfectly portable food which is affordable by many. Tru-Cape is proud to be associated with Food Lover’s Market and what The Hunger Project represents.”

FoodForward SA works tirelessly towards their vision of “A South Africa without hunger” and have successfully supplied 14 500 000 meals in the last year. Food Lover’s Market is proud to be in a longstanding partnership with FoodForward SA.

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