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5 Tips to get your summer body ready – now


You know that feeling… the sun is out, the beach and picnic invitations are rolling in, everyone is out and about and celebrating… oh but wait. You are not ready for summer yet!Your pale limbs are not ready to be exposed. You still feel heavy from hibernating over winter and somehow summer has just snuck up on you.

Well don’t wait. Now is the time to start getting your summer body ready! If you wait until the festive season is upon you, then it is too late. We all know that quick fix, fad diets are not sustainable and in the end don’t work. August and September are the perfect times to detox your life and start getting fit and healthy again. Yes, we all know that we should be fit and healthy throughout the year but lets be honest – that hot chocolate and red wine got the better of us. So here we are. This year let’s be clever and get our body beach ready now.

Here are a few tips to get yourself looking fit and trim

Start your training
It is always difficult to get back into a fitness routine. Find a personal trainer or a buddy with whom you can team up and start training with them. They definitely help to keep you accountable when it is cold outside.

Tone up with Hot Power Yoga
A hot yoga session can sometimes be unbearable in summer – however, walking into a warm room during winter is welcoming and inviting. Tone up your legs, tummy and arms with a power yoga session and detox your whole system, from the inside out.

Join the club
By teaming up with fellow like-minded people you are far more inspired to make lifestyle changes and get good habits in place. Join up with or other weight loss groups for motivation and inspiration.

Drink your ginger water
We all know that we need to be drinking more water. Are you though? A great Ayurvedic medicine tip is to put slices of ginger into your water bottle & fill with hot water. Take 4-5 sips every half an hour. After doing this for 2 weeks you will notice a difference in your weight. Ginger also aids in detoxing.

Substitute butter for ghee
Ghee can be used as butter and in cooking. What ghee does is draw in toxins so as you digest, the ghee is doing a lot of the hard work for you.

Take your vitamins
Omega 3 oils are superb for promoting healthy circulation and blood pressure, so help your skin glow from the inside out by including them in your daily diet.

Ditch the coffee
Caffeine dehydrates the skin. So by swopping coffee for healthy herbal teas such as Rooibos and Pukka Tea, it will make a huge difference to your complexion and skin tone. Pukka herbal teas are 100% organic and they are also full of healing herbs and vitamins to help boost mood and immunity.

Eat Green
Focus more on plant based diet and join up to the Green Monday initiative. This is an easy, affordable and fun way to make a positive difference in the world – and on your health. Visit for recipe ideas and how to turn your blue Mondays green.

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