5 Treats Dads Will Love This Father’s Day

You will feel like you’ve done a super job this Father’s Day if you make time to spoil your Dad. Why not prepare a hamper of treats that he will enjoy from Food Lover’s Market? Whether your Dad came up with creative last minute school project solutions, cradled you when you cried, always made your laugh or has helped you move for the umpteenth time… show him you appreciate all that he does on Father’s Day, Sunday 18 June 2017. Here are some nice treat ideas to grab for Dad:

  1. Biltong, biltong and more biltong!
    Many Dads will think of biltong as the ultimate treat. Grab a unique selection from our fantastic biltong bar at your local FLM store.
  2. Nuts about nuts: Almonds, cashews or good ole peanuts, at Food Lover’s Market we have them all! Think carefully about what particular flavour your Dad would like. If your Dad likes spicy, grab some wasabi coated nuts for this special occasion.
  3. Artisanal nut butters: We all have a firm SA peanut butter favourite, but a special Dad calls for a extraordinary nut butter. ‘Oh Mega’s’ range offers Macadamia nut butter, chocolate almonds and many more. Healthy and protein packed, it may just become his new favourite.
  4. Hot sauce: Bushman’s Co Dynamite Chilli Sauce
    Does your Dad boast about how hot he can handle it, or does he enjoy chilli con carne and spicy chicken wings? Then you can blow him away with this SUPER HOT chilli sauce. The challenge is on!
  5. Fresh doughnuts: Despite all the reminders, you may have left it to the last minute to get your dad that perfect gift… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with fresh, hot, tasty doughnuts – they’re just what you need! Dash out and grab some of our famous doughnuts for everyone to enjoy together. You didn’t leave it until the last minute like your school projects, you planned for the doughnuts to be as fresh as possible, right? (wink, wink)

Don’t forget: if you have a Market Liquors nearby, complete your perfect gift with a bottle of Dad’s favourite tipple. You’re well on your way to being the favourite child!

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