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Grandpa, Grandad, Oupa, uTatomkhulu….. Whatever you call your Grandfather, he is one special man. Show your appreciation for your Grandfather this Fathers’ Day with a small gift to say thank you. He’s lived many years, and probably has most of the things he needs but we are sure he will enjoy a tasty treat.

  1. Mixed nuts: Softer nuts like cashews are a good choice.
  2. Biltong: Most grandfathers will enjoy a gift of my tasty meaty biltong.
  3. Fruit cake. Grandad might enjoy a fruit cake of candied fruit, nuts and spices. It keeps well so he can enjoy a slice a day for a little while to come. You could add a shot of his favourite spirit (whisky, rum or brandy work well) to make your fruitcake extra special.
  4. Nougat: This sugary, chewy confectionary is a favourite for special occasions. Think about what flavours your Grandfather likes most. Nougat comes mixed with nuts, dried fruit or honey.
  5. Candied or dried fruit: Pick from Food Lover’s Market wide variety of fruits on offer. Make sure to include your favourite, we are sure that Grandad will share with you!