Powerless Pilchard Salad

Loadshedding is a part of our daily life, but not an excuse to order pizza! Try this super affordable,  healthy pilchard salad - no electricity required!

Chicken or Chickpea Mayo In the Dark

A comforting chicken or vegan sandwich for a great price - best enjoyed in the dark! When loadshedding hits, especially over dinner time, don't fret just stop at Food Lover's Market for [...]

Cheesy Bunless Burgers

The Beef Bunless burgers are filled with cheese and topped with cheese, served on a Portobello Mushroom. Pair with this basil yoghurt sauce & crispy roasted cauli-chips. or for our non-banters: [...]

Store Manager Vacancy

It is the policy of the Food Lover’s Market Group to recruit suitable staff in a systematic and consistent manner.  Food Lover’s Market will give external candidates the opportunity to apply for [...]

Healthy Biltong Quiche

A healthier, low-carb and high protein quiche. This protein-packed South African inspired quiche has a low-carb Almond Flour crust and is filled with delicious beef Biltong strips, eggs, double [...]

How to – Homemade Quick Pickles

GUT-HEALTH – PICKLED VS FERMENTED VEGETABLES: https://mentalhealthfood.net/fermented-vs-pickled/ Fermented foods are full of probiotics, the beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion. You [...]


Pre-Breakfast – Hot water with Lemon *Avoid/Minimize your coffee intake. Breakfast: Gut-Healing Smoothie:  (Or Overnight Oats) ½ cup (125 mL/4 fl. oz.) almond milk or Yoghurt ½ cup (125 [...]

🌱Do you have green fingers?🌱

Whether you have green fingers or not, let us shine some light on growing your own edibles. When it comes to choosing what you want to grow, it’s always good to grow something that you use most. [...]

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