Cape Herb & Spice now available at Food Lover’s Market

Adventurous cook, fusion aficionado, or master of the barbeque, our ranges extend across core herb, spice, and seasoning solutions for any dish.

Whether you are looking for specialist single spices and herbs, a one-stop recipe solution, your daily ‘grind’ or simply for seasoning inspiration – Cape Herb & Spice have it all!

Unleash your inner chef and discover your flavour with the Cape Herb & Spice range of quality products. From locally inspired seasonings to exotic blends, their innovative selection of premium seasoning products offers you the opportunity to broaden your culinary horizons, and to add a touch of unexpected flavour to all your family favourites.

Cape Herb & Spice has been selling premium spice products around the world for over 25 years. In this time, they have pioneered spice grinder innovations worldwide and non-irradiated spice in South Africa. The values of the brand deliver clean label product with transparency along the value chain. This means that the batch code on the product can help trace each spice to the correct batch on the farm where it was grown. With over 80% of the herbs and spices being procured from source there are no middlemen, no funny business – only the best quality.

So much goes into each seasoning before it appears on the retail shelf. Cape Herb & Spice tackles a variety of threats through a robust quality assurance system which is certified by the top food safety bodies in the world. This extends to ethical audits to ensure staff are treated fairly. The accreditations make it possible to supply product to top retailers across the globe. The brand can be proudly found in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Argentina and most recently, ASDA and Morrisons in the UK.

“Thanks to their original, expertly sourced flavour combinations, it’s never been easier to do food your way, and to turn your kitchen into a culinary destination. Shake things up and discover your flavour with Cape Herb & Spice.”

The product range focuses on taking the complicated spice requirements called for by recipes and rather offering expert blends with big flavour and endless uses. There is no more need for endless single spice bottles in the cupboard to use ½ a teaspoon at a time. This applies to weekday casseroles and curries to weekend braai’s and showstopper roasts – all catered for by meal solution boxes, grinders, shakers, dry rubs and chilli seasonings.

New in the Cape Herb & Spice pantry is the Veggie seasoning range – Steam, Roast & Sprinkle. Developed with various types of vegetables and cooking methods in mind the home cook can match each variant to the dish at hand and, of course, get creative! As vegetables start to step out from behind the curtain and play more of a leading role on the plate, its time we had seasonings that dress them up and help them shine! These seasonings are made with Himalayan pink salt and include a variety of dried veggies, seeds, herbs and spices to elevate a variety of dishes.

All Cape Herb & Spice products are free from artificial colours, artificial flavours, GMO ingredients and preservatives. They are also Halaal, Kosher and suitable for vegans.

To help aspiring cooks along the way @capeherbandspice on Facebook and Instagram give a variety of ideas with recipes, video’s, hacks and inspiration. The recipe page on Cape Herb & Spice is a treasure trove of flavour.

Cape Herb & Spice Range at Food Lover's Market stores

cape herb & spice rubs


These boldy designed shaker-top tins are equally as easy to use and they are easy on the eye. Get a selection of arresting flavours that add a dash of drama to season your meat, fish, chicken or vegetables prior to grilling, roasting or barbecuing. Simply add a coating of olive oil prior the rubbing to create a sensationally seasoned meal. Buy a tin of Cape Herb & Spice Rubs from Food Lover’s Market for R40.99.


These one-stop recipe solutions inspire quick, easy, and flavour-packed meals. Travel the globe through your tastebuds with our range of exotic herb and spice mixes, with NO preservatives, gluten, added msg, artificial colours, and flavours, or genetically modified ingredients! Iconic mixes from this range have fast become some of our bestselling products. You can buy these for R21.99 at selected Food Lover’s Market stores. Each box contains 50g of product in a sealed sachet.)


New in the Cape Herb & Spice pantry is the Veggie seasoning range – Steam, Roast & Sprinkle. Developed with various types of vegetables and cooking methods in mind the home cook can match each variant to the dish at hand and, of course, get creative! Get a tin of Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings from Food Lover’s Market for R36.99.


These mixes offer a fresh and practical solution for food fundi’s or casual cooks who love to prepare their favourites in the kitchen, and regularly. The bulk content is economical and practical.

Buy Cape Herb & Spice Smoky BBQ Braai, Sweet & Sticky Chicken or Spicy Chip shakers for R41.99 each, or the Sweet & Smoky BBQ for R49.99 at selected Food Lover’s Market stores.

cape herb and spice chilli range


The chilli shaker selection spans the chilli flavour horizon – from smokey Chipotle to the punishing Nagaland Ghost! Use to add flavourful fire to your soups and roast potatoes – dust and rub onto meats and seafood, sprinkle into a stir-fry, or spice up a dip. Wonderfully paired with freshly squeezed lemon juice and/ or olive oil for basting. This punchy, versatile range can be used during and/or after cooking according to your taste preference or heat tolerance.

Buy Cape Herb & Spice Piri-Piri, Chipotle & Sriarcha tins for R39.99 each or get the Ghost Chilli tin for R45.98 from Food Lover’s Market.


These authentic (low salt) curry blends, are packed in tins with a teaspoon accessible opening. These deliciously aromatic blends offer an opportunity to reconnect with the history of the spice route and each includes a tasty recipe suggestion. 

Buy Cape Herb & Spice Curry tins for R49.99 each at selected Food Lover’s Market stores.