The Humble Chickpea – Chickpeas 101

What are Chickpeas?

Chickpeas (also known as Garbanzo beans) are a type of legume. They are high in protein and fibre. They also contain nutrients such as folate and iron and are Low GI. 

Chickpeas made their re-appearance into the limelight in 2018 (2018 Food trends) when plant-based eating came onto the larger populations’ radar and scientists revealed the link between the brain and gut. 

How to use Chickpeas?

The easiest way to enjoy chickpeas is from a tin, however, you can also buy them dried, or buy chickpea flour. Dried chickpeas need to be soaked overnight, and then cooked. AND don’t throw away the liquid from the tin, see why below.

We love chickpeas, they are so versatile! Here are just a few ways to use them:

If all this making, tinning, spouting, and whipping is too much for you, simply add a tub of hummus into your trolley at Food Lover’s Market, along with your packet of chips for a tasty dip, while you watch MasterChef. That’s right, hummus is made from chickpeas. 

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chickpeas and brine

Why should you keep the chickpea brine? 

You don’t want to throw away the brine of that tin of chickpeas! This is known as AQUAFABA and has some great uses for a vegan diet. It is most commonly used as a binder or an egg white substitute.

How is Aquafaba used?

As mentioned, Aquafaba is used as a binder in recipes or as an egg white substitute; for example to make a vegan mousse or vegan meringue.

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