Food Combinations: Chocolate & Avocado

We know that certain foods just go together. For example, banana and peanut butter, tea and rusks, pork and apple, cheese and marmite or cheese and jam, basil and tomato, guacamole and salsa, strawberries and cream (or goat’s cheese), balsam and olive oil. Some are slightly more weird than others, but actually, work!

This one is for chocolate lovers! You may have tried chocolate and sea salt, or chocolate and chilli, but have you tried chocolate and avocado? Or even Avocado in a dessert at all?!? Chocolate and Avocado go together seamlessly, it’s like having the best of both Worlds!

To prove it, we’ve made a few chocolate and avocado recipes that are a must-try!


Choc Avo Tart

If cauliflower can become pizza, and black beans can become brownies, then avocado can become a tart right!? A blend of avocado, chocolate, coconut milk, and honey atop a cookie crumb base and set in the fridge. Try this Chocolate and Avocado tart recipe. 


Chocolate & Avocado Mousse

Did you ever think that Avo could make a healthy delicious dessert?! It’s time to try out Chocolate & Avo Mousse. The Avo acts as the healthy fat in a dessert recipe, replacing the cream. This choc avo mousse recipe is also vegan-freindly.


Chocolate & Avocado Brownies

Gooey, delicious chocolate brownies with avocado inside! Avocado acts as the healthy fat in these decadent brownies. Give it a go, and for those who don’t like avo – you’re still going to love this brownie recipe.


Chocolate Avocado Hummus

Avocado + Chickpea + Chocolate…would you put them all together? The SAAGA have done so, and it’s a must-try, topped with crispy roasted cinnamon chickpeas, give your new fave hummus recipe a try!