Christmas Cake Icing Ideas

Christmas Cake Icing ideas are so simple, yet so effective! The trends of marzipan and royal icing have been replaced by elegant yet easy methods. If you’ve shied away from making Christmas Cake before, try it this year. Home-made Christmas cake is great for catering to everyone at home, where you can consider dietary preference or allergens. It is lighter on the pocket too. It makes a great gift to package and send to family that can’t spend the day with you (take a look at Nadia’s recipe for how to do this!)

Don’t let icing your Christmas cake spook you! We’ve got some brilliantly effective Christmas Cake icing ideas from some home-bakers, moms, foodies, Instagram inspirations and pro chefs.

Have fun with these icing ideas from Carey, Nadia, Di and of course, our very own Food Lover’s Market kitchen:




A Snowy Landscape! Visit Bibby’s Kitchen to see how you can easily transform ice-cream cones into a Winter Wonderland.









White Lace.  If you thought paper doilies were a thing of the past, look at this delightful sprinkle of icing, also from Bibby’s Kitchen.








Glazed cherries and chocolate stars are as Christmas as Santa’s hat. This one will definitely be the favourite for the kids, and they can help decorate too.





Dripping Drama. The contrast effect of the white, white simple icing on the dark fruit cake is spectacular! Take a look at Carey’s Erasmus lovely recipe using the Food Lover’s Market Cake mix.









Black Forest Cherries. We love the flavour of warm spices but how can we forgot our all-year-round favourite: Chocolate! Fresh cherries come into season in Summer and teamed with dark chocolate, it is absolutely decadent!



Feeling the Christmas feels yet? Happy baking!

If you are still looking to find the perfect recipe for your Christmas Cake, try some of these: