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What measures have we already implemented to assist consumers when they come into stores?

We have provided hand sanitisers at the entrances to our stores and to our cashiers to use at till points, as well as briefing and training our cashiers to sanitise throughout the day. Each cashier will also be expected to wash their hands with soap every 20 minutes.

it is a legal requirement for customers to wear masks at all times inside our stores and to continue to practice social distancing.

Yes, we reserve the right of admission and the health of our team members and our other customers is a main priority. For that reason, we will not allow entry if you refuse to wear a mask or be sanitised – either using the sanitiser we provide or visibly using yours.

What have we done to guide all our team members about the facts of the virus and what additional precautions they need to take?

We have distributed information posters in all staff canteens to educate our team members on how to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. In addition to this, regional managers and store managers are holding regular meetings with our Covid-19 task team. In addition to this, Group CEO – Brian Coppin – communicates to teams through the internal communication channels weekly.

Will we deny anyone entry if they do not sanitise as they enter the store, when met by a FLM team member offering sanitiser?

We are not barring any customers from entering the stores if they don’t want to sanitise. However, sanitising of hands and trolley handles is strongly encouraged and that is why we have team members stationed at the entrances with sanitiser.

What can you do to assist us in store?
  1. Do maintain an appropriate distance between yourself and other customers or Food Lover’s Market team members. The distance recommended by the South Africa Department of Health is 1.5 metres.
  2. Wear a mask when you enter the store, as per the National Government regulations (asof 1 May)
  3. Do wash your hands thoroughly before coming to the store.
  4. Once at the store, make use of our sanitisers for your hands and trolley handles – one of our helpful team members will be at the entrance to assist.
  5. Try to restrict the number of people you bring along with you to the store, as this will assist with maintaining the 1.5 metre space between customers and team members.
  6. Please consider carefully what you need and buy in a manner that does not leave others without much-needed items.
Have we raised our prices in any way?

We have not raised the prices of any items as a response to the COVID-19 virus and we will endeavour to continue our delivery of value-driven products to our customers. Prices will as always be dictated by market conditions. We will not be profiteering from this crisis and have issued strict instructions to both our stores and franchisees in this regard. If you feel you have had an negative experience in this regard, please contact us on including the product, store and price details.

Will we limit the amount of people in store?

We will follow the instructions from the government. Over and above that, we can confirm that we will not allow our stores to be overcrowded.

Do we allow children into our stores?

We are constantly being guided on this by the WHO, the NICD and the Dept. of Health.  Our stores are controlling the number of shoppers in our stores in order to ensure that social distancing is being adhered to. As a result, we are discouraging entire families from coming to shop. Stores have been instructed to use discretion when it comes to allowing children into our stores during the lockdown period.

We are aware that there are single parents that have no option but to bring their children with them when doing shopping.

If you have a query or complaint in this regard, please contact us.

Do we delivery or have online shopping during this time?

We are leaving it to the individual stores  to decide if they have the infrastructure and capacity to do this. Our teams are already stretched and we do not want to stretch them even further and we do not want to over promise and under deliver. However, if you are a customer with special needs, you are welcome to approach us at store level and we will assist you.

In Gauteng, you can find “Call and Collect” at Sunward Park, Edenvale, The Reef, Lifestyle Centre (PTA) and Chilli On Top. Please contact them directly for details.

In Gauteng, around Menlyn and Norwood, you can use external providers for deliveries: Visit for details. 

In KZN, you can find “Call and Collect” at Food Lover’s Market Hillcrest, please contact the store directly for details. 

In Knysna, the Food Lover’s Market is offering a call and collect service. 

In Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset West, Fruit Cube, an external provider can deliver a box of selected fresh produce. Please note this is not a Food Lover’s Market delivery service. Visit: for more details. 

In Stellenbosch only, you can get delivery through Grandeur Gifting, e-mail your list to

What are the trading hours of our stores during lockdown?

As of 27 March 2020, most of our stores trading hours are:

Mon – Sat: 8am – 5pm

Sun: 8am – 4pm.

*Please note that some stores may differ, please call the store prior to going to the store.

Do I need to wear a mask when I shop?

Yes. We will continue to exercise all social distancing protocols as mandated by The South African government and Department of Health. In line with level 4 lockdown regulations, as of 01 May 2020 it is a legal requirement for customers to wear masks at all times inside our stores and to continue to practice social distancing.

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