Easter fun during lockdown

How to set up your hunt?

  1. Make sure you have counted all the eggs you will be putting out for everyone to collect and that you stay on top of how many your kids have and how many they still need to get during the hunt.
  2. You can add some challenges to the eggs by writing on a piece of paper and stapling some activities on each egg, such as doing 5 jumping jacks, saying 3 fruits that are yellow, or making them say the alphabet backwards. To carry on finding the eggs they would need to complete their activity.
  3. Scatter your eggs around the house. Remember where you place your eggs!
  4. You can opt to create clues that you put around the house to give them some hints to finding the eggs. Or you could simply play a game of hot and cold. Where you help them navigate where to go to find the eggs, saying they are either “hot” (getting closer to one) or “cold” (not anywhere close to an egg).
  5. Make sure you find all those eggs; the hunt is not over till the last egg is found.

Where to hide the eggs around the house?

  1. Hide the eggs around the living room, behind the couch pillows, on the TV stand, in between the fruit in the fruit bowl.
  2. Around their bedroom, hide their easter eggs in your kids shoes, between their clothing, around their stuffed toys. Sometimes the obvious places would be the hardest for them to find.
  3. Slip an egg into the paper towel roll; nobody will see it coming; sometimes the best place to hide stuff is where no one will ever think of checking, the kids will overlook it, and that’s the fun of it.
  4. Unless you are planning on having cereal for breakfast, you can drop an egg in a cereal box for a really challenging hiding spot – they will probably spend all day searching for that last egg.
  5. Easter Clue Hunt – Don’t be afraid to make your kids work for their Easter egg rewards. Hiding some eggs just out of reach on top of cabinets, so that they have to climb or otherwise problem-solve a way to get to them will make the reward of finally reaching them all the sweeter. Perhaps a sneaky puzzle or clues around the house to find the next egg?
  6. Use your kitchen as an additional space – you can easily hide loads of eggs in the microwave, the fridge, inside the kettle, in the freezer, in a pot, – just watch that they don’t destroy everything in searching for that sweet treat.
  7. Hanging coffee mugs make great hiding places as well, or just inside the mugs in the cupboard!
  8. Exactly where they think they would be – like the treat cupboard! Either it’s super easy, or it’s the last place they’d look.
  9. Inside the Egg tray