FNB Wines2Whales: Food Lover’s Market Gets Riders Ready For The Route

After an event like the FNB Wines2Whales, riders and event organisors often look back at either a successful time in the saddle or at the successful planning and execution of the three-day event. As with any successful event, there’s a lot of hard work and intricate logistics happening behind the scenes. We know that riders know exactly how much training it takes beforehand to see them at their best on race weekend. But do you know just how many ingredients (and love) go into the meals that kickstart race-day or is served as hearty comfort food at the end of the day?

Each morning our team scramble 4000 eggs for breakfast, which brings the total amount of eggs used to 24 000 for the entire race weekend. A mandatory accompaniment to all those eggs would, of course, be 600kg of bacon and 300kg grated cheddar. For the rest of the meals we use 1 ton of chicken, 1.2 tons of sirloin, 400kg of potatoes and 300kg rice. Then there’s the 50kg of flour it takes to make that delicious roosterkoek, which to many takes like “home” after a long day in the saddle.

We make our own meatballs from delicious cuts of lamb and beef, which is then minced and delicately rolled into scrumptious meatballs for a quick snack at the water points.

Crazy as it sounds, if we were to pack all the cucumbers we use into a row, we’d cover 2km of the daily route! All of the other veggies we pack into our meals amount to 1 ton, while 210 bags of juicy lemons is the secret ingredient in many of those meals.

It’s pretty obvious that to churn out food to feed 4500 people, the catering team needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Well, how do we do it? With olive oil – 350 liters to be precise.

We hope you that enjoy the last of your training in the build up to race weekend and look forward to serving you the best in fresh breakfasts, dinners and snacks to refuel you throughout the course of the weekend.

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