Where can I find the specials?

Our specials are loaded onto our website: foodloversmarket.co.za/specials. For your local stores specials, you will have to select your local store from the list, on the same page.

Can I get specials at the Food Lover’s Eateries?

Eateries are a canteen and deli style store, focused on bringing you the best food to enjoy right away. They do not offer the national deals available at our supermarket stores.

Does Food Lover’s Market have a loyalty programme?

We focus on offering the best low prices every day to everyone, without a loyalty programme.

Can I get the specials sent to me?

Of course, sign up on our website with our subscribe page.

When do the specials end?

Most of our special deals run from Monday to Sunday each week. Sometime we also have one day deals such as R13 Friday or Whammy Wednesdays, which is only valid for that day.


Is Food Lover’s Market Halaal?

You can find Halaal butcheries at Lenasia and Access Park.

Can I bring my own container?

You are welcome to bring your own container for fresh produce and the produce from dispensers. We are happy to support your zero waste lifestyle, but may not be able to assist in very busy periods. Note: you cannot return a (loose, weighed) product, after dispensing it into your own container e.g nuts.


What do I do if I am unhappy with my purchase?

Please return to the store with the product and your slip and ask the manager to assist you.

Does Food Lover’s Market deliver?

No, we offer a market style store. A theatre of food where you can experience the fresh produce. Some stores are listed on grocery delivery apps.

Does Food Lover’s Market stock banting products?

Food Lover’s Market has the widest selection of banting products, at the best prices. Please check with your local butchery about marinades and additives used on the meat products.


How can I apply for a job at Food Lover’s Market?

For a job in a store, please contact your nearest store. For a job at our Head Office or distribution centres, visit: https://foodloversmarket.co.za/contact/careers

I want to franchise a store. What is the process?

Please visit our franchise page for more information, and to contact us with regards to opening a Food Lover’s Market franchise.

Do you donate food or sponsor charities?

Each store has an allocated local charity. If you are looking for a sponsorship or donation, please contact earthlovers@fvc.co.za, for consideration.