Fun Halloween treats for kids

If you haven’t been down to Food Lover’s Market to get your giant for carving – you’re missing out! Although Halloween isn’t really a South African tradition, it is very well-known. And there is still lots of fun to be had at this time with spooky drinks, sweets and arts and crafts. The kids will love getting involved.

Here are some fun ideas for Halloween weekend.


A Halloween party drink should be just a little spooky and a whole lot of fun. That’s what makes these fog drinks perfect! Try this super easy fog drink for the kid’s scary movie night or sleep over midnight feast!

Time- 2 hours, Makes 6 glasses


1 packet lime jelly
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold water
1 packed gummy worms
Whipped Cream & Sprinkles

  1. Boil cup of water.
  2. Empty jelly powder into a large mixing bowl and add the boiling water.
  3. Continue stirring for two minutes or until the jelly is completely dissolved.
  4. Add in the cup of cold water.
  5. Stir until mixed and pour into cups filled 1/2 to 3/4 of the way.
  6. Pour Jelly into your cups and refrigerate for half hour.
  7. Add gummy worms hanging over the sides. Place in fridge.
  8. Refrigerate for half an hour and add a gummy worm to the middle if desired. Continue refrigerating until set.
  9. Add Whipped Cream and sprinkles before serving. (Optional)



2 L homemade ice tea

1 L fruit juice

2 packets of Gummy or sour worms

Muffin tin (for freezing the worm discs)

  1. Place two worms into each muffin tin and fill with ice tea until worms are just covered.
  2. Place the tin in your freezer and allow the “discs” to freeze – usually, 2-3 hours is sufficient.
  3. Fill a glass 3/4 full with fruit juice and then add ice tea to fill the glass.
  4. Drop in a frozen worm disk and serve immediately.

The wormmy discs will look like this. In fact, you can make the discs and serve them in any drink of your choice for a bit of fun!

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