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Fun in the Sun with Calypso Cricket


Food Lover’s Market Holdings is a long-time partner of Sporting Change and the Calypso Cricket event, held annually in December at Sunrise Beach near Muizenberg.  Calypso Cricket is a unique and fun adaptation of conventional cricket. Utilising most of the rules of cricket, the game is played on the beaches with two teams of ten players each. This competitive sport originated in the West Indian islands and is played between villages that gather in their hundreds for the event. It has proven to be an exciting way of introducing young children to cricket.

Each year, Food Lover’s Market sponsors lunch for all the children that attend the fun day. This year we had catered lunch packs for 650 kids. When 750 arrived, we had to make a plan! Our teams really came together to make sure no one was disappointed or hungry for this special event. Kate Marais, CSI Facilitator says, “When the 650 children catered for turn into 750, we make a plan!! A massive thank you to Leo from Tokai for getting into his car to deliver 2 loads of hotdogs juices fruits and treats for the annual Calypso cricket day with Sporting Chance. A perfect day and so much fun! Thanks too, to Crispen at Access Park for helping when we were surprised by the extra 100 happy faces. This event is the year’s highlight for many children across the Western Cape, many of whom have never seen the sea before! Finally, thanks to Stephen Van Vuuren [Head of the Grocery Buying division] whose division generously sponsors Sporting Chance each year!”

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