NEW Herbivore Plant-Based Burger Patties!

Plant-based burger patties launched – exclusive to Food Lover’s Market.

Introducing 100g of pure plant power. Herbivore burger patties are packed with 12g of complete plant protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. Low in calories, carbs and fat. Zero cholesterol! Grill, braai or fry. Pile on the trimmings and stack them high. Fast food that’s good food.

 So, what are the deets?

How can I spot it on the shelves? It looks like this:


What does vegetarian or vegan mean? Even if you don’t yet know – this burger is for everyone!

Vegetarians eat no meat including fish, seafood and chicken.

Vegan or plant-based diet eat no meat and no food that comes from an animal at all.
Examples: No milk (or dairy) as it comes from a cow. No eggs as it comes from a chicken.

 What is it made from?

The burger is made from soy and malted barley.

What are the ingredients?

Soya protein isolate (40%), Coconut oil, sunflower oil, spice mix, cellulose, natural flavouring, malted barley extract, ascorbic acid, Himalayan salt.

Allergens: Soy and malted barley (gluten). Made in a factory that uses tree nuts.

Is it gluten-free?


Is it banting?


How much does it cost?

200g pack is R39.

Where can I find it?

At Food Lover’s Market! In the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and selected stores in Gauteng.

*Price right at time of post.