Hit the Road this Festive Season with Some Lekka Padkos

Going away for the Festive season? The best part of a holiday road trip is the delicious padkos that you nibble on during your journey. Long drives tend to make you tired and lazy, as you’re sitting in a car for long periods not using too much energy, so take some of these healthy travelling tips into account:

– Keep to regular snacking and meal times instead of snacking out of boredom.

– Drink plenty of water to help curb the cravings and keep you hydrated.

– Play a fun family car game to help pass the time.

– You may be on holiday, so treat yourself, but watch your portion sizes (try to prepack your snacks into portion sizes so that you don’t overeat while travelling).

– Freeze a few bottles of water and use them as ice blocks in your cooler bag to keep your foods fresh.

– Make sure your containers are leak-proof. If your journey is extra long then avoid packing things that can melt quickly.

– Pack some paper plates, an extra rubbish packet and wet wipes so that you can eat neatly, without messing in the car. You will be able to throw everything away easily so that your car is as clean as when your trip started!


Homemade Padkos Ideas:

Make sure to pack something for each person you’re travelling with. Of course you should include the usual sweets, chocolate, biltong and fruits, but try to be a little creative this year to make the travelling experience even better. Take some time and a little effort to plan your trip before rushing around and getting to your destination – as they say, “it’s all about the journey.”

Bonus, planning can keep you eating healthy and save you some money – avoid unhealthy fast food offerings, which are usually the only option on the road.

Here are some simple ideas for homemade ‘padkos’ snacks:


Wholesome Bites:

– Boiled egg, bacon and salad wraps for breakfast

– Meatballs – bite-sized snacks, perfect for any time

– Mini chicken and pineapple kebabs

– Steak wraps (Use the leftover food from the night before to make some tasty wraps and sandwiches)

– Chicken wings and drumsticks

– Mini pita breads (can also be filled with what you have left in the fridge!)


Healthy Snacks:

– Cocktail tomatoes and baby carrots with a low-fat dip

– Homemade popcorn – add your choice of topping

– Jazz up your nuts with a fragrant spice mix – dry roast them in the oven the night before and allow to cool

– Pear & Oatmeal on-the-go Bars (https://foodloversmarket.co.za/recipes/pear-oatmeal-on-the-go-bars/)


Sneaky Treats:

– Banana muffins

– Herby cheese straws (Use store-bought puff pastry & it’s super simple)

– Crunchies

– Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate



Reference: https://www.nestlewellness.co.za/great-padkos-ideas-for-the-holiday-road-trip/