Anita Morar started the farming business shortly after moving to the smallholding in 1994. Initially, they had no plans for intensive farming but it seems the seeds were sown…

Anita grew different vegetables at the start but found chillies to be best, as they could be harvested at any stage, green or red. In 1995, she sold 100kg from her very first crop. Her first loyal customers were friends and family, and buyers at a local flea market. Through their customers, they learnt which varieties were best, and when they would sell well and soon they had a successful small business!

Currently, the Morars plant 25 000 seedlings on their 2 hectares. The varieties are Skyline, Thai, Jalepeno and the super-spicy Habanero. They supply their local Food Lover’s Market stores which are Park Meadows, Hillfox, Comaro Crossing, Stoneridge, Sunward Park, Jabulani Mall and Gateway.

The chillies are organically grown, using no pesticides or herbicides but they don’t mention it as customers think organically grown is more expensive! Be sure you are getting the best, organic, local-sourced produce when you choose Kadipore Chillies this summer season.

Here at Food Lovers, we love supporting and empowering smallholder farms and small businesses and look forward to a spicy and exciting future with Kadipore Farms.

To learn more about Anita, and family-run farm; take a look at this YouTube video about Kadipore. 

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