How do you eat your Hot Cross Buns?

Nothing signals chocolate bunnies, pickled fish and all things Easter like the appearance of Hot Cross Buns in our stores. This year, Food Lover’s Market is delighted to bring you five delicious flavours – Traditional, Extra Spicy, Chocolate, With Cranberries and, for those who are not too enamoured with raisins or cranberries, Without Fruit.

The traditionalists might feel that these extra variants are an abomination to the spirit of the Hot Cross Bun, which was first created in its current form in English kitchens in the late 1600’s – for the first time introducing spices and sugar from India. However, modern tastes dictate that anything goes and its truly a case of the “more the merrier” when it comes to varieties.

Equally, there is no judgement on the way you eat your bun. Lashings of butter or the delicious combination of cheese and apricot jam, are not the only ways to eat your bun. You could make indulgent  Hot Cross Bun french toast, drizzled with chocolate and topped with berries or bananas. Or why not serve it with fresh figs – currently in season and available in Food Lover’s Market stores – with a decadent squeeze of maple syrup. For a spicy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious take on bread-and-butter pudding, why not substitute sliced bread with hot cross buns. We have the most delicious recipe or watch this video clip for some inspiration.

Too much trouble? We still believe that the tastiest (and simplest) way to eat your bun is to pop a halved hot cross bun in the oven to toast till lightly golden. Slather on some real butter and pop it back into the hot oven until the oodles of butter have completely melted and soaked into the hot cross bun.

Happy eating!

Look out for more tips, tricks and Hot Cross Bun trivia every Friday, as of today, and leading up to Good Friday.

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