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Jelly Bean Hope for Children


Jelly Beanz is an organisation that is passionate about helping children who have experienced abuse and neglect. The latest research shows that in South Africa , one in every three children is sexually abused by the age of 17, boys

even more at risk than girls. And sexual abuse is only one of many forms of violence that our children suffer.

The statistics are horrifying; however we cannot let this immobilise us. Amazing organisations such as Jelly Beanz are there to reach out to the vulnerable, and their families to provide them hope after such abuse.  Based in Table View, this inspirational organisation provides a range of therapeutic and prevention services. Jelly Beanz is also the home to a bear sized ball of furry love, called Danni Beanz.  Danni is a Newfoundland dog, who is part of the Jelly Beanz team and works as a therapy dog.

Along with trained counselors and a welcoming environment, Danni helps children who have suffered trauma and abuse to find their way to healing and happiness. The Dried Fruit for All (DFFA) team of Food Lovers Market have been donating jelly beans to the Jelly Beanz for several years, a packet of which is given to each child at the end of every therapy session.

“The packet of colourful beans is to show love and encouragement to keep focusing on their healing. It is wonderful to know that we donate several hundred kilograms each year, and at the same time, humbling and sad,” the team from DFFA tells us. “‘We at DFFA & Food Lovers Market would like to acknowledge the amazing and important work that the Jelly Beanz team does, and would encourage everyone to have a look at their website ( to see if and where they can add a little more joy and assistance.”


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