Join Our Love Food Movement 2017

South Africa’s leading fresh produce retailer, Food Lover’s Market, has launched the “Love Food Movement” with the aim of getting South Africans to rediscover their love of food and their passion for cooking. The movement hearkens back to a time of food, connection and nostalgia and aims to change the way people feel about food.

In today’s fast-paced ‘junk food’ world, the fresh produce market-leader is aiming to inspire South Africans to take a breathe, find some inspiration in fresh ingredients, cook with passion and eat with delight – savouring each and every mouthful of home-cooked, wholesome goodness. We’ve always taken great pride in the quality of our food and we know how good food brings people and families together. The Love Food Movement tells the stories behind the meals we make for those closest to us.

Throughout 2017, with the Love Food Movement, we are aiming to create a community of food lovers based around the idea that good food should form a central part of our lives. If we can motivate families, couples and friends to get out of the kitchen rut by cooking simple yet inspired food, made with fresh quality produce, we’ve done our job.

Join the movement by looking out for the Love Food Movement hashtag and tag us online, as well as the Food Lover’s Market television and radio ads, ever-popular weekly leaflets, digital and public relations campaigns which will feature recipes, tutorials and mouthwatering visuals to excite, educate and inspire.


Join the Love Food Movement in three simple ways:

Find your Excitement for food

Step away from processed and microwave-ready ingredients and fall in love with food again by using fresh ingredients, supporting local producers and just getting back into the kitchen.

Educate yourself about ingredients

Know your food, its provenance and make healthier food choices. It’s important to know about the seasonality of fresh produce, the versatility of food and the health benefits of eating fresh.

Be inspired and shift food boundaries

Move away from the same old tired recipes and be inspired by a twist on the classics – or even try your hand at something new. Explore brand new avenues and create great-tasting food that shifts boundaries.

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