Jungle raises the bar with new indulgent and nutritious snacks

Jungle raises the bar with new indulgent and nutritious snacks

6th Oct 2021

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding the time to sit down at the table for a traditional breakfast, lunch or snack is a rare luxury. When this just isn’t possible, grabbing something easy and tasty on the go has become the norm.

With this new normal in mind, Jungle is excited to announce the launch of its own range of nutritious and delicious cereal bars. They are not only low in sugar (compared to competitors) and sodium, but also contain real fruit, nuts, and seeds that have been built on the goodness of Jungle (more than 30% Oats), making these on-the-go bars a must-have for anyone looking to indulge in something delicious with a lot less guilt.


New Jungle Cereal Bars are available in the following flavours:

  • Almond Berry Deluxe
  • Beet Berry Blast
  • Coco Pine

Why should you try the new Jungle Bars?

The new bars contain a range of nutritional benefits, including:

  • HIGH IN ENERGY: To fuel your body and replenish your stores of energy.
  • HIGH IN FIBRE: To help with a regular digestive system.
  • VERY LOW IN SODIUM: Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a disease associated with many factors.

Where can you find them?

The new Jungle Cereal Bars are available at selected Food Lover’s Market stores. The recommended retail price is R9.99 for a single bar.

Now’s the time to get your morning fuel, on the move, with Jungle’s new Cereal Bars.