Know Your Chillies!

How well do you know your chillies? Are you a Scoville scale specialist or do you run a mile at the words, “it’s a little spicy…” Hate them or love them, chillies are becoming more and more popular as pop culture explores more cuisines from Asia and the Americas, and spicy sriracha is a pantry staple.

From the flavoursome Thai to the saucy Serrano, or versatile Jalapeno and the fiery Jalapeno, we’re going to tell you a little more about these chilli types, with help from Kadipore Farms. Kadipore is a local supplier to a few of our stores in the inland regions, thanks to them we can gain some knowledge on which chillies to buy with the extensive range offered at Food Lover’s Market!

Now it’s time to get cooking! Find some of our hot chillies recipes right here

Look out for these informative posters in our stores to know which chilli is just right for your meal.

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