Let’s shop responsibly

Let’s shop responsibly

A message to our customers:

Thank you for helping us to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in our stores by sanitising as you enter. Our Food Lover’s Market team is playing their part to maintain the highest standards of hygiene by washing hands and sanitising regularly during the day  – and handling all products in a safe and responsible manner.

We would now like to appeal to you to continue shopping responsibly and mindfully in our stores. Please consider carefully what you need and buy in a manner that does not leave others without much-needed items.

We are also determined that to every extent we are able, our stores will stay open and fully stocked. This means that we will continue to monitor supply, work closely with our suppliers and proactively plan to ensure that we do not have disruptions to our stock capacity.

Remember, if we all shop as we normally would, we will ensure that there is enough availability for everyone.

Brian Coppin, CEO of the Food Lover’s Market Group