Loadshedding Recipes and Top Tips

Loadshedding Recipes and Top Tips

1st Jul 2022

Loadshedding hits in that perfect spot when it’s time for lunch or dinner. No electricity means supper is cancelled and you’re forking out for takeaways again, right? Wrong. Try our collection of recipes that are perfect for power cuts, picnics and dinner under the stars 

We asked you, our customers and fellow food lovers, for some tips and recipe ideas, and you’ll find a few in this article. A top tip from you: Go to Food Lover’s for a ready-made meal!  

Those who have a gas stove, your life is way easier! Just be sure you have a lighter or matches to light the store up.  

Preparing for Load shedding 

Check your load shedding schedule and stay up to date with which stage we are in. This allows you to do some planning around load shedding.  

Here are some prep ideas: 

Boil a few eggs when you can. Boiled eggs can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days, making a quick breakfast, easy protein to add to salads, or try the TikTok trend of grated boiled egg on an open sandwich.  

Boil water and keep it in a flask for when you need hot water, tea or coffee. 

Make your starch for a lovely fresh salad. Prepare barley, bulgur wheat, couscous, quinoa or rice prior to loadshedding so you can just toss them in a fresh salad, like this  

Pantry Staples: 

  • Tinned beans, lentils, chickpeas,  
  • Canned Fish, like tuna, sardines, pilchards or salmon 
  • Canned tomatoes 
  • Pasta and Rice 
  • Cheese (in the fridge) 
  • Biltong 
  • Marmite, Bovril, Peanut Butter 
  • Oats 
  • Milk 
  • Pickled Veg (homemade, or bought)  
  • Bread, Pita Breads, Wraps or Rolls
  • Rusks or Cookies 

Loadshedding Hits, and you haven’t planned!? Here are some nifty loadshedding-friendly recipes to save.  

Loadshedding Friendly Recipes:  

Loadshedding recipes don’t have to be boring, these recipes are super easy to make and are not all cold. Luckily, as South Africans, braaiing is part of our culture, so make use of it!  

Pantry Essentials Recipes: 

 Smear this sundried tomato dip onto a sandwich or in a wrap.  

Light up the Braai: 

Yes, this is a natural answer as South Africans! Why not enjoy the stars, and the beauty of the fire without distractions.  

Explore more braai recipes. 

Go Raw: 

We mentioned overnight oats and chia pudding. Pickling veg is another great way to keep veggies and use them in a fresh salad, add to a sandwich or a wrap. Make this pickled cauliflower and store it in the fridge to make a loadshedding friendly salad. 

A cheese and charcuterie platter! Yes please!  

A fresh buddha bowl with a nutritional green dressing, or a leftover steak salad. 

Smash a Sarmie:  

*Best made with the artisan breads from the Food Lover’s Bakery.  

Feeling a sweet treat? 

Keep some choccie in the pantry, enjoy some fresh sweet fruits or try one of these powerless desserts: 

Loadshedding top tips: 

  • Get a small gas hob or camping gas hob for emergencies 
  • Get a solar or rechargeable light 
  • Keep your pantry stocked with some basics that you can whip out at any time 
  • Get a big flask: Boil water before load shedding and keep it hot in a flask 
  • Remember to switch your oven off when loadshedding hits, as well as your heaters.  


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