Lunchbox Heroes | Marvel Heroes On The Go

Marvel Heroes On The Go lunch box collectables inspired the team to create heroic packed lunches, because we all deserve something fun, and to eat like our favourite hero right? Here are 3 fun ways to make a Marvel-inspired lunch box, that will excite both older and younger heroes alike!


The Amazing Flapjack Lunchbox includes epic multi-seed flapjacks, with a chocolate web! Plus fresh fruits and a You First Mixed Berry snack! Get creative with these chocolate chip and multi-seed flapjacks, and make the flapjacks into hero shapes or drizzle the chocolate in another hero-inspired shape. AND, don’t forget to add a cute inspirational note to that packed lunch.

Pick seasonal fruits, berries are great for a Spring and Summer lunchbox, whilst you can use grapes, slices of pineapple or melon for Autumn and Winter.


Inspired by Marvel Ironman, this Fearless Fritter Lunch Box is packed with yum and all the right snacks including superfood fritters topped of with an Iron Man cheese cut out. This sweet potato and quinoa fritter recipe is fit for the whole family. ANDM, don’t forget the fun grape weights in this packed lunch. For adults and kids alike, this is perfect to take to work or school.

The kids will be back home, loving you ‘by 3000!’.


Be a hero, eat like a hero. A classic ham and cheese sarmie might be coming home uneaten, but what if it’s made into something more fun and heroic? Shape the sarmie into a Marvel-inspired theme, you’ll have to change it up. The Mighty Sarmie Lunch Box recipe shapes the sandwiches into a Captain America shield. Balance the lunch box with fresh little carrots, cucumber and a light dip of choice.

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