Antipasto Spaghetti

Antipasto Spaghetti

Channel your inner Nigella with this simply delicious spaghetti dish packed with umami with the addition of olives, capers, assorted tomatoes, garlic and lemon. Enjoy with a generous sprinkle of parmesan.

Paw Paw Dressing

Use the flesh and seeds of a paw paw to make a thick, creamy, fruity salad dressing. Simply mouthwatering served with a simple paw paw and avo salad or even sticky brabecued ribs! 

Sticky Ribs with Orange & Fennel Basting Sauce

Sweet, sticky and tangy ribs are everyone's favourite. Try this super easy and incredibly delicious basting sauce to take your sticky ribs to the next level.


Madagascan Green Peppercorn Sauce

This Green Peppercorn Sauce is the perfect addition of French Madagascan fusion to a sizzling T-bone, cut of venison or rack of lamb. Green peppercorns are slightly under-riper version of black peppercorns and offer a milder, more complex, fresh flavour.

steak cafe de paris

Karan Beef Rump Steak with Cafe de Paris sauce

Cafe de Paris is a complex butter sauce It is the perfect accompaniment to steak when you're not in the mood for something creamy and it's quick & easy to make - especially in advance. It is a method of whipping a mixture of flavours into butter. Simple to make, and can add a touch of easy fine-dining to your dish. You can also make extra to serve with fresh bread.

Sticky Asian Spare ribs

Marinated Sticky Asian Pork Ribs

These delicious sticky pork ribs are simply mouthwatering, cooked on the braai, or in the oven. Here we have  marinated the pork ribs, with Asian flavours and sauces, then oven baked them, covered, to soak up all these wonderful tastes. Tender pork ribs, sticky, sweet and salty, with hints of lime...don't forget the napkins!

Thai Butternut Curry Soup with Coconut Cream


Butternut soup is an all time favourite with most families, so surprise them with some Thai-style fresh flavour, when cooking up your next batch. Here we have picked up the heat a bit and given it some South Eastern flavour, with red curry paste and coconut cream. Fresh coriander and hints of lime, add a bit of zing to this aromatic, creamy soup. Serve with a warm, crusty ciabatta, to mop up all this delicious goodness.

Cheddamelt Sauce

A delicious strong cheddar sauce that pairs perfectly with a tender 28 Day mature rump or sirloin. It also pairs well with a succulent chicken schnitzel.

Grilled Steak Salad with Avocado and Chimichurri Sauce

This is the perfect salad to serve as a quick go-to meal. It covers all the bases...fresh, nutritious and delicious. Serve with a warm crusty ciabatta to soak up all the flavours.

Loaded Breakfast paw paws

Loaded pawpaw breakfast bowls with lime honey yoghurt

These paw paw smoothie bowls are packed full of energy releasing goodness. Whole paw paws are filled with dollops of honey yoghurt and topped with an array of juicy fruit, berries and seeds. They are the perfect way to kick start your morning. 

Orange grilled chicken with wedges


Chicken pieces marinated in a simple marinade of orange, marmalade and soy, produce the most tender, juicy and flavoursome chicken. Cooked to sticky perfection on the braai or oven and served with spicy golden brown wedges, this meal is a winner with everyone.


Time for a bit of indulgence this weekend! Who can resist a moist red velvet cupcake, filled with oozy chocolate and topped with lashings of cream cheese. These cupcakes are the perfect treat to beat the winter blues.



This is a fragrant stew, filled with spicy North African flavours. Lamb's unique flavour, pairs perfectly with robust spices. In this recipe, we have added butternut and sweet potatoes, to create a sweet balance to this mouthwatering dish.



These bowls are not only healthy and full of nutrition, they are also totally yummy. Who can resist the big bold flavours of spicy prawns paired with tangy salsa beans, creamy avocado and corn, all served on a bed of nutty brown rice. These burrito bowls are guilt free, mouthwatering pleasure.

Real Food Carrot Cake

This real food / banting carrot cake is compliments of Rita, of the Banting 7 day meal plan, from her personal collection. This moist and spicy carrot cake follows the LCHF guidelines and is the perfect treat to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon with a good book.

Thai Chicken burgers - food lovers market


These Thai inspired chicken burgers are a delicious change from the traditional beef burgers that we all enjoy. Take a break from beef and try this healthier alternative. They are light, juicy and packed full of fresh tangy flavour with a bit of a kick. If burgers are your thing, give these a try, they might just become your favourite! 


Apple Crumble (Vegan)

With the colder months approaching who doesn't love a warm apple pie? With apple season on the horizon, this is a great cost effective recipe to make.

This recipe is courtesy of Michaela from Health Alignment, a online health blogger and vegan recipe developer, who made this recipe using Tru-Cape apples in support of SA Hunger Month. This month, we are fighting Hunger together with FoodForward SA and Truc Cape Apple. You can join us by buying some Tru-Cape Apples or Pears in store.

Its really easy to make, cost effective and is super tasty.

It's apple season and with only 3 ingredients, a versatile apple sauce is one of the best ways to enjoy the tart yet sweet apple flavours - even as a savoury. It keeps for a month in the fridge, or 3 in the freezer.

Home Made Apple Sauce

It's apple season! Make the most of it with this impossibly simple homemade applesauce. Only 15 minutes to whip it together and it keeps for a month in the fridge, or 3 in the freezer. Not only is it free from preservatives, but its incredibly cheap to make too! Great with pork or chicken, pancakes or on top of overnight oats or porridge.

Apple cider roast pork


Apples and  roast pork, are a tried and tested taste combination. They work in perfect harmony together. Spike it with the sharp, tanginess of cider and this traditional roast becomes mouthwatering. It's simple and easy to prepare and so worth it.

cheesy potato onion galette


Potatoes and onions are a staple in most homes, but that doesn't mean that they have to be prepared in the same old traditional ways. This galette is a super, delicious way to serve up these humble offerings. Loaded with cheese, garlic and herbs, this simple dish, is totally satisfying and really rather pleasing on the eye too.

Butternut Coconut Curry


This vegetable curry is the perfect dish to stave off the nippy chill in the air, as we head into the winter months. Nutritious, wholesome veggies are gently cooked in coconut milk, with some fragrant Indian spices, to create a comforting dish for the whole family.


Superfood Quinoa Bread (Gluten-Free)

Quinoa really is a superfood. As a grain, it is naturally gluten-free and it contains all 8 amino acids, making it a complete protein. If you're new to cooking gluten-free bread, don't be alarmed if it doesn't rise. This recipe is super quick and easy, as long as you remember to soak the quinoa and seeds.


Avocados are not only delicious but extremely full of nutrition. Take advantage of their abundance this season, with this mouthwatering salad, where the avos play the star role. A basil pesto dressing compliments the rich creaminess of the avocados, taking this delicious green salad to new heights. Enjoy!

You can keep it completely plant-based to add a little bit of feta for a salty balance to the salad.