Our History

The year is 1993. Brian and Mike Coppin open the first Fruit & Veg City store, launching one of the most incredible success stories the Rainbow Nation has seen. The brothers’ journey continues to this day, with the two of them overseeing the rapid expansion of Food Lover’s Market to every corner of the country, and beyond. Having built their company on traditional family values such as trust, honesty and integrity, they now hold the honour of being South Africa’s undisputed leaders in fresh.

Our Story

Shopping is as much about the experience as it is about the things you buy. At Food Lover’s Market we have taken this principle to heart, re-creating the ambience of an old-fashioned marketplace in a modern theatre-of-food setting. Visiting one of our stores truly is an experience like no other.

Dried Fruit For All

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to nibble on in between meals, be sure to grab some dried fruit and nuts from one of our stores. All outlets within the FLM Group are supplied by our affiliate Dried Fruit for All, one of the country’s leading players within this fast-growing industry.

FVC International

Supplying all stores within the FLM Group with the freshest fruit and vegetables on a daily basis is South Africa’s leading import and export company – FVC International. They are the largest importer of fresh produce into the country and also export to more than 35 countries. With a distribution network that stretches the length and breadth of South Africa, they ensure that our customers get the best quality produce at the most affordable prices.

Seattle Coffee Company

There is a place where the craft of coffee is taken seriously, where expertly-trained baristas serve up artisan drinks, the way you like it. That place is Seattle Coffee Company and Food Lover’s Market is proud to have partnered with this forward-thinking brand, to bring you gourmet coffee on the go that’ll perk up your day.


This innovative new name in convenience shopping has taken South Africa by storm since its launch in 2009. Funky, fast and fresh is the name of the game at the more than 200 FreshStop at Caltex outlets nationwide – open 24 hours for your convenience. Whether you need a quick late-night snack, a cup of gourmet coffee or are looking to do your weekly grocery shopping, FreshStop is there to take care of your every need.

Market Liquors

Your shopping has just gotten a whole lot more convenient. Market Liquors, located next to selected Food Lover’s Market stores, makes it easy for you to top up with some drinks for your weekend braai or grab a good bottle of wine for that special dinner you have planned. Our selection is world-class and customers will find a wide variety of quality options to choose from.


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