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Super Simple Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super simple to make and are the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether it's afternoon tea, or a special someone's birthday, these deliciously moist cupcakes will leave you satisfied, every time. 


This chunky salsa is packed full of fresh, colourful ingredients. The wonderful flavours of coriander, paired with the sweetness of baby tomatoes, the heat of a jalapeño or two and the sharp, zingy tang of lime, make this salsa verde a perfect accompaniment to the smoky taste of chargrilled prawns. 

Pepper-crusted T-Bone with Thyme, Garlic & Lemon Butter

Our Dry-aged T-bone steaks are matured to perfection and offer a very affordable meaty meal option particularly beloved by the “manne”. You can pan fry, but we prefer to cook these delicious tender steaks over the coals. The thicker cut T-bones are most suitable for braai-ing; if the steak is too big for one person, rather share it than buy thinner steaks, but in our experience these mansize steaks are usually the stuff of legend around a fire and size definitely does matter! We have not bothered with a heavy marinade or too much spicing on the meat itself; we want the excellent taste of the meat to come through as the king of the show. The butter melting over the hot steak at the end adds the final flavour. 

Gnocchi with Smokey 3-Cheese Sauce

This sauce takes only minutes to prepare and is just the thing for cooler evenings. Being very rich and decadent, it needs only a very simple accompaniment; we used our favourite La Molisana brand of gnocchi as we love the texture with the creamy cheese sauce.  Bellisimo!

(PS - The cheese sauce is equally delicious with a steak, or over steamed broccoli.  In fact, it complements just about anything!)

Best served with Wildekrans Sauvignon Blanc

Caramel Chocolate Treats

This is an easy and festive dinner party dessert that you can whip up in minutes, it only needs a little extra time to chill in the fridge to set. Prepare the pots in advance and top with fresh toppings just before serving - it couldn't be simpler!

Refreshing Coconut Water Pink Lemonade

Garlic Loaf Bruschetta

We all love garlic loaf with a braai or as accompaniment to a comforting winter meal, but with the Food Lover’s fantastic garlic loaves, you might want to try something different with these tasty morsels of moreishness.


Almond-Crusted Brie

A colourful and satisfying way to end off a meal, particularly now that we have such gorgeous summer fruits available.  The almond crust on the cheese elevates the dish to super-special and takes almost no time at all.


Most artisan breads will work well when making a bruschetta. Toasted in olive oil and garlic, this traditionally Italian starter, can be enjoyed at any meal time, with many different toppings. Here we have used some delicious, fresh ingredients, to create a few variations for you to try.


This Apple tart is full of wonderful textures and flavours. It has the crispness of baked phyllo pastry and the chewy layers of ginger biscuit, combined with the juicy softness of cooked fruit. It's super quick to make. A simple dessert, perfect for any Spring lunch.

Pear Oatmeal On-The-Go Bars

This healthy recipe is courtesy of http://happyhealthymama.com.


This is a great twist on a traditional Greek salad. Here we have added a bit of Spring, with some fresh, crunchy textures, and put the savoury juices of the olives into the dressing. A fuss free Greek salad, vibrant in colour, full of flavour, with an added bonus of no pips.

Layered Cherry Pavlova

This recipe is courtesy of http://www.taste.com.au/

Plum Crumble

This recipe was found on http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/

Grilled Cheese With Peach Bruschetta

This recipe is courtesy of http://brooklynsupper.com/

Peach Tarte Tatin

This is an upside-down fruit tart, first cooked by the Tatin sisters at their restaurant in central France. The story goes that it was created by accident but was such a success with the guests that it became a much-loved classic. The apple version is the best known, but seasonal Spring peaches work really well too!

Mushroom, Parmesan And Cherry Tomato Frittata

A frittata is an Italian open omelette, traditionally made with cheese and vegetables, then finished off under the grill. The wonderful thing about this dish, is that it is so incredibly versatile. Most ingredients that are on hand can be used and it's especially great for leftovers. It's quick and easy to prepare and can be enjoyed at any mealtime. Try this delicious version, made with simple ingredients that burst with flavour.

Spring Fruit Tarts

Dessert can be healthy(ish) - just add fruit! Enjoy the best of the season with these classy and dainty fruit tarts!

Dark Chocolate Coco-Cream Pie with cashew-Ginger Crust

Aromatic Glazed Pork with Asian Plum Sauce

We have used pork neck or belly for this recipe. The neck is a lovely tender cut of meat, well-marbled with fat which keeps it succulent and juicy. Belly roast contains more visible fat; some people find this cut too fatty, it really is about personal preference, both cuts work well for this dish. Ask our butcher to debone the cut and roll it, tying up with string so it doesn’t come apart. You can cook this in the oven or on the braai; if you decide to use the braai, par-cook it first in the oven until about ½ way, to ensure the inside cooks through. The glaze is Asian-inspired and gives the pork an interesting aromatic pepperiness without the burn. The plum sauce with its sweet-sour overtones completes the picture; if you want it “hot” simply add some chilli flakes or fresh chilli. The sauce is also lovely with chicken.

A great accompaniment to this meat dish would be a stir-fry of assorted Asian vegetables, like Chinese cabbage, mange tout, oyster mushrooms, peppers, bok choy.

Prime Rib with Fresh Thyme & Horseradish Crust on a Bed of Sweet Veg

This is the ultimate “feasting” dish and makes a grand entrance at any family dinner; buy the prime rib as large as you prefer but we don’t recommend less than 3 ribs for ideal roasting. The tang of the horseradish is tempered by the mustard and thyme, which totally complements the sweetish veggies and the sauce is the piece de resistance.

Low-Carb Flapjacks with Banana Foam, Blueberries & Honeyed Yoghurt

These flourless flapjacks are magic for relaxed breakfasts on the weekend. They don’t add any unnecessary carbs for those of us in training, on a LCHF diet, sportsmen and the kids will love them, too. Make the banana foam in advance and if you prefer another fruit, substitute to your liking. Just don’t use acidic fruits like pineapple or kiwi as they contain enzymes which prevent setting. You can also replace the xylitol with honey, depending on how strict you are regarding carb intake.

Honeyed Espresso Cream

This is a deconstructed healthier version of the famous tiramisu, minus the sugar, booze and biscuits. Exceptionally light and fluffy, with a hint of honeyed sweetness; it certainly hits the spot when you crave something soft, smooth and decadent.

Sesame-Crusted Salmon with Crisp Veg Ribbons

Salmon, while relatively expensive, delivers a punch in terms of healthy fats, flavour and texture – it’s also incredibly filling. We have teamed it with seasonal vegetables presented almost raw for added freshness and crunch.
You can use any fresh seasonal vegetables suitable for ribbons; we have featured baby marrows, asparagus and celery for their “green” taste and texture which complements the rich oiliness of the salmon perfectly. For added bite, we have added chilli flakes to the dressing, but don’t use a heavy hand; remember the salmon is the star of the show.