Pescanova’s seafood products launch at Food Lover’s Market

Pescanova Seafood- a selection of high quality frozen seafood products is now available at Food Lover’s Market.

Look out for these products in the frozen seafood section:


Pescanova Crumbed Formed Rings – R54.99

Pescanova Breaded Formed Rings 400g – R54.99

Pescanova Battered Mini Rings 250g – R37.99

Pescanova Calamari Medallions 400g – R54.99

Pescanova Seafood Paella

Pescanova Seafood Paella 400g – R79.99

Pescanova frozen seafood arrives for the first time In South Africa at Food Lover’s Market.

Pescanova products are now available through the different points of sale that the chain has in the African country. The company offers a high quality range with products adapted to the needs of today’s consumers, which are presented in different formats. Specifically, there are four frozen varieties of squid that are quick to prepare and, at the same time, nutritious and healthy: the natural squid medallions and Crumbed Calamari Strips, Battered Calamari Mini Rings and Breaded Calamari Rings, three products from the “Tapas” range that are perfect for dinner or for enjoying at any time.

The Nueva Pescanova Group arrived in South Africa 56 years ago, where it operates through its subsidiary Nueva Pescanova South Africa, located in Cape Town and specialized in the commercialization of hake and shrimp. In 2018, the company reinforced its commitment to the country through the acquisition of the company Unick Fish, dedicated to the import and sale of seafood in South Africa and Namibia, and with a presence in both the retail channel, as well as in foodservice and wholesale. The recent agreement with the supermarket chain Food Lover’s Market is another step in the company’s commitment to the South African market and the expansion of the brand in the country.

The Nueva Pescanova Group is a Spanish company leader in the seafood sector; it is engaged in fishing, farming, processing and commercialization of seafood products, whether fresh, chilled or frozen. With a team of 10,000 professionals, it is present in 19 countries and sells its products in 80 countries worldwide. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and in line with its activity, it works towards the responsible management of natural resources and the protection of marine ecosystems and the environment as a way of guaranteeing sustainable activity and the future of the company. In this regard, recently it has been recognized as the world’s top fishing company for its commitment to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ranks fifth in the overall benchmark of seafood companies, according to Seafood Stewardship Index launched by World Benchmarking Alliance.

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