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Coconut Cream Dessert – Three ways!


This 5 ingredient coconut tart, is simple and delicious and the versatile ingredients can be used to make a smoothie, or freezer ice lollies.

It is sweet and creamy with a fresh banana flavour.

Recipe created by Nondumiso Phenyane, the founder of Vegan Attempts,and a lecturer at Stellenbosch University.

Prep time
5 minutes

Additional Notes

This is a very adaptable recipe. You can make smoothies, ice-cream lollies or a vegan coconut tart.
o The smoothie is quite simple. Pour the mix into a glass and enjoy!
o To make ice-lollies, pour the mix into ice-lolly moulds of your choice and freeze them over night (8-10 hours).
o To make a coconut cream tart you will have to make a base. You can make any base you like.

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