These pops are definitely more of a dessert and they are oh-so-tasty! They look fabulous too, and will really impress at your next get-together. Salt and caramel classic combination!


  • Desserts

Cooking Methods

  • Freezing


You are welcome to replace the microwave popcorn for plain stove popcorn kernels, or purchase ready-made caramel sauce. Zoku Quick Pop Makers freeze ice pops in just 7 minutes. Find them in @Home or on



Popcorn base:
Pop the popcorn as per the instructions on the packet. Set aside some of the popped corn to garnish.
Microwave the milk for 30 seconds.
In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients and allow to soak.
Once cooled, strain the mixture through a fine sieve.

Caramel topping:
In a saucepan over low heat, pour in the condensed milk and stir continuously until it browns to a light caramel colour.
2. Or, drizzle the frozen pops with caramel sauce such as "Ice Cap".

Pour the mixture into your moulds.
Insert the sticks.
Allow to freeze completely.
Drizzle with caramel sauce and garnish with remaining popcorn.

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