Food lovers-cheese-chilli-french-loaf
Food lovers-cheese-chilli-french-loaf

Cheesy Garlic Braai Loaf


November 23, 2018

It's everyone's favourite and it is always the first one to go at braais! Garlic loafs are quick and easy to make at home and the best part is you can add any of your favourite flavours, like rosemary or basil from the garden, or some chilli flakes, if you like it hot.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins


1 rustic baguette, from our bakery

500g Food Lover’s Cheddar Cheese, grated

150g Parmalat garlic and herb butter

100g marinated pepperdews, diced

A handful of fresh chives, chopped


1Use a serrated knife to slice the baguette into 1cm slices, making sure not to cut all the way through, so that the baguette stays in one piece.

2In a bowl combine the cheddar cheese, butter, peppadews and chives.

3Spoon the mixture into each gap of the baguette. Wrap the filled baguette in tin foil and place on the braai for 20 minutes turning every 5 minutes.

4Serve as an accompaniment to a lekker braai!

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