Pepper-crusted T-Bone with Thyme, Garlic & Lemon Butter

Our dry-aged T-bone steaks are matured to perfection and offer a very affordable meaty meal option particularly beloved by the “manne”. You can pan-fry, but we prefer to cook these delicious tender steaks over the coals. The thicker cut T-bones are most suitable for braai-ing; if the steak is too big for one person, rather share it than buy thinner steaks, but in our experience, these man-sized steaks are usually the stuff of legend around a fire and size definitely does matter! We have not bothered with a heavy marinade or too much spicing on the meat itself; we want the excellent taste of the meat to come through as the king of the show. The butter melting over the hot steak at the end adds the final flavour.


Cooking Methods

  • Braai

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

15 minutes


T-Bone Steaks

    4x Dry-aged T-bone steaks or 28-day mature T-bone steaks
    Food Lover’s Himalayan Sea Salt &
    Coarse black pepper


    100 g butter, softened
    1 garlic clove, crushed
    15 ml chopped fresh thyme
    zest and juice of 1 small lemon



    Prepare the butter in advance.
    Mix together all ingredients into softened butter. Shape into a log and wrap in plastic; return to fridge to firm until required.

T-Bone Steaks

    About 40 minutes before cooking, place a layer of Himalayan Sea Salt on the steaks and allow to rest.
    The science behind this advance salting is that it will have the effect of drawing out moisture from the steaks, breaking down muscle fibres and allowing the now-concentrated flavoured liquid to be reabsorbed into the steak.
    Try it, it works!
    Prepare a hot fire.
    If you are pan-frying, heat pan until piping hot, adding a little oil.
    Press enough coarse black pepper into the steaks to develop a dark crusty layer when cooked and to your personal preference.
    Place steaks on grid and sear both sides, flipping every 30 seconds or so, to maximise a crust but not burn it.
    Remove meat from fire when cooked to your liking;
    we recommend medium rare inside for best flavour and texture.
    Allow meat to rest for a few minutes.
    Remove butter from fridge and slice into equal pieces;
    Place butter on top of the hot steak and eat immediately,
    The melted butter spread over the steak.
    Man, that’s the best of South Africa right there on the plate!