Salt-Encrusted Rump Picanha with Lime-Infused Tomato Salsa

Originating from Brazil, picanha is a triangular cut from the top of the rump, with the tip being considered the very best of the best. A true picanha weighs between 1.3 – 1.5kg, nothing more. The fatty blanket which overlays the meat underneath results in a particularly tender and succulent rendition of rump. We are preparing this national Brazilian treasure in the traditional way and accompanying it with a vinegary sweet sour salsa to offset the fattiness (so delicious!) of the meat. Perfect for laid back, lazy-days outside. Bom Proveito (that’s Bon Appetit in Portuguese, the language of Brazil)!


Cooking Methods

  • Braai
  • Grilling

Prep Time

30 minutes

Cooking Time

15 minutes


Tomato Salsa

    4 medium tomatoes, pulp removed, drained
    1 onion, peeled
    1 sweet pepper (yellow or red)
    30ml lime juice
    15ml olive oil
    5ml sugar


    1 x rump picanha per 3-4 people
    Food Lover’s Himalayan Sea Salt


Prepare the tomato salsa first

    Finely dice tomatoes, onion and pepper into similar sizes.


    Combine lime juice, olive oil and sugar and stir until sugar dissolves; pour over vegetables and allow flavours to develop.
    Score the surface of the fat in crosscuts to prevent the meat from curling. Cut the meat against the grain into thick slices; bend rump pieces into semi circles, fat side out, and skewer onto large metal skewer/s.
    Rub exposed surface with Himalayan Sea Salt, pressing salt into the flesh. Most of the salt will fall off during cooking, which is fine as the flavour will be left behind.
    If cooking on the braai, build a hot fire and wait until you have a good bed of coals. If using gas or an electric grill, turn to medium. Grill both sides of the picanha skewer, turning so the meat does not burn. The dripping fat will cause smoking and some flaring, but this all adds to the deliciousness.
    Finally, turn the skewer fat side down and allow to crisp up a bit. Remove skewer when meat reaches your desired doneness; we recommend medium rare. Slice into slivers and eat immediately.
    Serve with lime-infused tomato salsa and whole corn on the cob, drenched in chilli-butter.
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