Whether it's a breakfast spread or a lunchtime soirée, this pineapple and spanspek fruit board is the perfect showpiece to present and deliver fresh healthy fruits. Chop and scoop these sweet, juicy fruits, to create this mouthwatering summer array.




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Edible flowers add a delightful splash of colour to a fresh salad or too garnish a plate. Examples of flowers are Violas, Snapdragons, fennel flowers, lavender or marigolds. Nasturtiums are a great option to grow, as they flourish in our SA climate and act as a natural repellant to creepy crawlies, which is great to plant around your herbs and other edibles.


2 pineapples
2 spanspek 
500g blueberries
500g raspberries 
2 kiwi fruit
200g almonds
8-10 sprigs fresh mint
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp lime juice
8-10 edible flowers for garnishing


Heat 250ml of water in a small saucepan. Add the lime juice, sugar and half of the mint. Stir and allow to simmer for about 10mins, until the liquid has reduced. Remove it from the heat and allow to cool.
Remove the spiky heads of all the pineapples, then cut both pineapples in half, lengthwise. Cut into the center of 3 halves, making diced cubes of fruit. Scoop out pineapple cubes and heap into two of the halves. Dot with 8-10 raspberries. Cut the remaining half into slices and then into quarters. Set these aside until assembly.

Cut both spanspek in half through the middle. Remove the seeds and discard, then using a melon baller, scoop out the soft flesh of 3 halves. Set the melon balls aside. Using a sharp knife, cut a zigzag edge around the edge of two melon halves. Heap the these two halves with the melon balls and dot with some blueberries. Cut the remaining half into slices and then into quarters.

Insert the point of your knife into the skin of the kiwi, and begin to make diagonal slices. Do this around the entire kiwi, then pull the slices apart to separate. Repeat with the second kiwi.

To assemble the fruit board, arrange the pineapple and spanspek bowls to one side of a wooden board. Nestle the cut kiwi fruit on each side of these bowls, then arrange the cut slices of pineapple and spanspek from the opposite corners, to the center of the board. Heap the almonds in three small mounds around the board and fill in the free space with raspberries and blueberries.

Remove the mint from the cooled syrup and drizzle this liquid over the fruit bowls. Garnish with the remaining mint and edible flowers.
Serve with full cream yoghurt on the side.

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