Invite your friends and family for the Ultimate Braai table! This Heritage Day is sorted with this menu of Jan Braai Boerewors (exclusive to food Lover's) and delicious twists on your favourite braai sides, such as potato salad and homemade bread.




  • Braai


  • South African

Cooking Methods

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Find our Ultimate Braai Spread recipes under the directions to make your ingredient shopping list!


Jan Braai Boerewors - cooked how you like it on the Braai
paired with this: Red Onion & Tomato Relish

Braai Sides

Chargrilled on the outside, Sweet on the inside and smeared in flavoursome butter: Braai Mielies with chilli & herb butter

This Pesto Potato Salad is super easy, but it is budget-friendly and the perfect side this Summer: Pesto Potato Salad

Cheese, Corn & Bacon - this quick, irressitable, bread is flop-proof and a must-have to take along to a braai: Cheesy Sweetcorn Bacon Bread

Gather your stok for this traditional favourite! Watch your bread get golden on the fire & enjoy the amazing smell of fresh bread in the air: Stok Brood
Vietnamese Beef Stew with Pineapple Salsa