Tuscan Beef with Fusilli

In certain parts of the Mediterranean, pasta is served with a rich gravy as a sauce and in this recipe we accompany it with hearty beef, tomatoes, wine and mushrooms for a satisfying filling meal.
You can make the stew in advance and reheat as required.


Cooking Methods

  • Braising

Prep Time

30 minutes

Cooking Time

120 minutes


    1 kg deboned beef forequarter cubes or goulash
    60 ml Food Lover's Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    2 onions, sliced
    2 fresh garlic cloves, crushed
    200 g pack brown mushrooms
    250 g pork rashers, sliced into strips
    300 ml dry red wine
    400 ml beef stock
    120 ml La Belinda Tomato Puree
    5 – 10 ml smoky paprika
    2 rosemary sprigs
    250 g Waitrose Fusilli (or Macaroni)
    50 g Grana Padano cheese, freshly grated
    salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste


    Heat oil in a pan and add beef in batches, seasoned with salt and pepper; brown meat on all sides. Remove from pan and keep aside.
    Fry pork strips until browned; remove from pan and keep aside.
    Once all meat is browned, add onion to pan and saute until lightly coloured; add garlic and cook for a few minutes.
    Replace meat in pan; stir in the wine, stock, puree, herbs and spices. Allow ingredients to cook gently, simmering, for about 2 hours, topping up liquid when necessary.
    Add mushrooms about 30 minutes before end of cooking time. When meat is tender, check seasoning and if required thicken gravy with a little corn flour mixed with water.
    Cook pasta according to instructions on the pack, drain and keep warm. Toss the pasta with some of the gravy to coat, add grated Grana Padano and additional freshly ground pepper if desired. Serve the meat alongside the pasta on a large serving platter, with a sprinkle of fresh chopped herbs.
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