Food Lover’s Market response to City of Joburg MMC for Health and Social Development Media Statement:

We have been made aware of the media statement issued by the Office of the MMC for Health and Social Development for the City of Joburg. We wish to confirm that Food Lover’s Market had, prior to this City of Joburg’s statement (and the action initiated by them), taken the necessary steps to address any food safety issues present in the stores in question. We and our franchisees have for years been fighting an ongoing battle to combat the presence of rodents around our stores and the premises they occupy. We have also employed outside pest control agencies that have taken all measures available to them, but the rodent problem has remained an ongoing issue.
However, we feel it is important to note that the areas surrounding both stores in question – Diepkloof in particular – is in a disgusting state. This area has acted as an informal dumping site for years without any remedial action being taken by the City. It would assist our cause greatly if the municipality were to clean up the area as the lack of rubbish removal most certainly acts as a fertile breeding ground for rodents and the like. Residents of these areas deserve no less.
Spokesperson: Nigel Meintjes, Legal Director for Food Lovers Market Holdings