Response to Daily Maverick article

Response to Daily Maverick article

2nd Mar 2021

We have taken note of the Daily Maverick article published yesterday, as well as the public response.

In the interest of accuracy, we believe it is important to point out the article doesn’t reflect the full facts around the case. Food Lover’s Market was not aware of Mrs Power’s honey business or registered trademark when we launched the Nature’s Gold Honey product in our stores.

In her communication with us, Mrs Power said that she services a small niche market in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. We requested proof of the use of this trademark, which is standard in trademark-related issues. To date, we still have not received any proof from Mrs Power or her attorneys that the trademark has been used in the manufacturing or retail of honey.

Had we received the proof we requested, it would have placed us in the position to make an informed assessment of the use of the name.

We will be reaching out to Mrs Power and her advisors to see if we can reach an amicable resolution. Food Lover’s Market has a long and proud history of supporting small businesses – in our dealings with all these businesses, we have always adopted a fair and sustainable approach.