Tuck into some of SA’s tastiest dishes this Heritage Month

The unique and diverse tapestry of South African cuisine is enough to get any foodie excited. Whether it’s a classic Bobotie, a braai with all the sides or a potjie with your own personal twist, the complex flavours and combinations are a cause for celebration.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our top picks for you to explore this Heritage Month…


This one-pot take on a classic potjie topped with fluffy dumplings makes for a quicker clean-up and a comforting twist on a popular crowd-pleaser. Prefer your potjie with chicken? What about oxtail and red wine? Visit our recipe page to explore our full range of potjie recipes.

Bunny Chow

Add your favourite curry to a hollowed-out half-loaf and you have an instant homemade South African fast food classic that pays homage to its Durban origin.

Our recipe features a small quirk, our in-store favourite Ouma loaf. You can adapt this recipe to suit your needs, adding as much spice as you like.


Pickled Fish

A celebrated South African classic with Cape origins that packs a flavour punch like no other! Traditionally, a 48-hour soak in curried pickle brine enhances the dish but you can also leave it for two or three days to allow the fish to absorb the flavours.


Mielie Bread

Famous for being the first thing to go at any braai, this flop proof treat can be zhooshed up with additions like cheese, bacon, chilli…the list goes on. Serve it hot with butter, and you’ll be left with a clean dish.

Looking for something quick to grab for your celebrations? Your nearest Food Lover’s Market is the perfect place to stock up on deliciously fresh SA classics like Koeksisters, Milk Tart, Biltong and Malva Pudding.

Cheese & bacon Quick Bread


From South African classics to some new twists on South African favourites…we’ve got the recipes for Heritage month in South Africa…or any month really. Don’t turn your nose up to the recipes with a twist…they’ve been tried and tested by our team and it’s safe to say…we love them!