Sexy Food – Eating for Hormonal Health

Healthy hormones and good libido are indicators of good lifestyle choices, and good overall health. When these aspects of your health are not in sync,apart from not feeling great, it can be a sign of more serious health issues.It is certainly worth paying close attention and speaking to your doctor if you have concerns. However, there are several lifestyle choices that influence hormones and libido substantially, and apart from doing what you can to maintain a healthy weight, reduce cardiovascular risk and manage your stress levels, the following tips might help.
What to avoid

Alcohol is the first on the list of things to avoid, and it’s not only because it lowers inhibitions and can lead to irresponsible choices, but because it can negatively impact your physical health, including your libido, as well as the health of your relationship. Stick with very moderate alcohol consumption, or avoid it entirely.

Bad fats, such as the trans fats that are often found in fast food and processed snacks are associated with reduced sperm count and reduced libido in men.

There are also some chemicals in foods and food packaging that can disrupt our hormones with a lot of exposure. Some examples include meat that comes from animals that receive routine hormone treatment, plastic bottles containing BPAs, cling wrap, and other plastic containers, especially when heated. Try to avoid poor quality plastic food packaging, remove it as quickly as possible when it is unavoidable, and always heat food in proper bowls or plates rather than plastic containers.

What to include

A healthy, varied diet is important for overall health, which leads to healthy hormonal balance. A healthy diet generally consists of a mix of whole grains, lots of fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, enough protein and enough energy overall. It is quite simple: You won’t feel very sexy if you are sick, over- or underweight, fatigued or hungry!

There is research that the Mediterranean diet offers many health benefits, including protection against erectile dysfunction and improved libido.

Food research regarding libido is also turning towards foods that boost nitric oxide levels, which helps to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation. Beet, rocket and celery are not particularly glamorous foods, but they might be considered great aphrodisiacs if that research is conclusive!

There are some foods that are supposedly aphrodisiac foods, such as chocolate, spices, dates, oysters, nutmeg and maca, but many of these are traditional remedies, without strong scientific human evidence to support their use. Having said that, many traditional aphrodisiac foods are sources of important nutrients, usually in good concentrations. For example, oysters contain good levels of zinc and amino acids, which are certainly needed for healthy sexual function. However, it is worth considering that a healthy, varied diet should contain plenty of these nutrients, and that oysters are not the only source.

A healthy, balanced diet, stress management and a healthy lifestyle might sound a lot less fun and easy than a handful of magical aphrodisiac foods. However, it is clear than a healthy diet supports health overall, resulting in reduced risk of lifestyle disease, better energy levels, better immunity and, of course, healthy hormones.

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