Supporting Our Firefighters

A huge thank you to FLM for the generosity in supporting the firefighters in tackling the recent blaze in Gauteng.


The Earth Lovers team were recently approached to assist with a donation for the fire fighters that were battling a blaze in a central Johannesburg office block.  The fire cost 3 firefighters their lives and 150 more brave men and women battled to get the inferno under control.


Special thanks to James from Hillfox and Tony from Bruma, who were eager to assist the emergency services and to support the firefighters by supplying 150 bottles of water, 20 pockets of oranges and 10 boxes of bananas to the value of R7398.50.  The donation was collected by the volunteer team for the West Rand fire department who then distributed to those in need.


We are so fortunate to be able to react quickly when the need arises, due to the hands-on approach and availability of our great managers!


This donation adds to the 3085429 number of meals we have already donated across the country as part of our Earth Lovers programme. Once again, thank you to all involved in showing that we are Living Our Values Every day through the support of our local communities.

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