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The battle for energy efficiency continues


Earth Lovers, the sustainability division of Food Lover’s Market continues to monitor electricity and water consumption across the business and is doing all it can to reduce FLM’s energy usage and tariff rates. To date, it has managed to adjust some tariff rates successfully. Water meters have been installed in four Johannesburg stores to determine water usage more effectively and uncover water leaks, etc.

According to Siglinda Losch, Group Sustainability Manager, “We are testing new lights to find ones that are more energy-efficient, in that they give off less heat. The new LED technology lights are much cooler, so we are assessing our options for lights on the trading floor as well as for our refrigeration units”.

There are several Efficiency Initiatives underway at Food Lover’s Market as it has always been a focus for the business.

Some of the initiatives underway include:

  • Every store is monitored on a weekly and monthly basis, sometimes even daily if needed, to determine how better savings can be achieved. Each store has five meters or more fitted to measure every department to see where we can save and where the highest usage is. These meters allow the Earth Lovers team to assess usage and find the best technology possible to reduce our electricity usage.
  • When it comes to water usage, the technology being used can pick up where there are leaks or even an overcharge on water usage.


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