Thomas Cutlery Collection

Introducing our new Thomas Cutlery! SAVE 75% or more on each Thomas cutlery set.


How do I collect the Thomas Cutlery sets at Food Lover’s Market?

  • SHOP: Spend R100/N$100 or more in a Food Lover’s Market, Food Lover’s Eatery or Seattle Coffee Company inside a Food Lover’s Market store to collect a sticker (1 sticker for each R100/N$100 you spend.)
  • STICK your sticker on your collector card & collect 20 stickers.
  • Choose your cutlery set and make the co-payment.
  • SAVE 75% or more on your favourite Thomas cutlery set.  (*See below)

*Get your collector cards from the till.

The Cultery collection campaign will run from 26 August 2020 to 1 December 2020. You will until 13 December to redeem your collector’s card instore. Note: We are aware of the delays in stock. The stock is due to arrive Feb 2021, due to delays in shipments caused by the pandemic.

You can collect and redeem at all Food Lover’s Market stores in South Africa and Namibia, Food Lover’s Eatery stores, and Seattle Coffee Company stores IF they are found inside a Food Lover’s Market.

The THOMAS Experiment

What’s your food personality?

Thomas Cutlery has something for everyone – but what is right for you?

We’re having fun with food personalities to find the right Thomas cutlery set for you. Check out our food personalities below, to find your match. Which food personality are you?

Are you a little of each personality? Then collect them all! Quality Thomas Cutlery sets, cake forks, serving sets, and more.

Comment here and let us know which one you are!

The Seperator

Can your mash potato touch a pea? Not me.

Are you an extremely meticulous eater? Everything needs to be in the right place. Different food items that touch is a big no-no. Separating the peas from your chicken, you’re not one to mix it up on a plate. Or, you’re that one who has a complicated order – exclude this, as well as that. There’s no convincing you that you can have more than one food in your mouth at the same time and enjoy it.

The Messy Eater

Need a bib?


You know you’re a messy eater when there’s more food on your face and around your plate than in your stomach. Whether you mix it all up on the plate, or you’re just that one in the crowd that has a border of food bits around your place setting once you’re done. A classic is some sauce left on your fresh, clean shirt. It’s all about enjoying what you’re eating.

The Food Snatcher

“That looks nice!” a.k.a Food Envy

Find your eyes glazing over to see what someone has ordered? Never satisfied enough with what’s on their own plate, the food snatcher is constantly searching for a little sneaky taster of what everyone else has. You didn’t order those chips, but you know you will taste some of his! No plate is ever safe when the food snatcher is around.

The Healthy

Don’t even try to tempt her.

IF the healthy eater orders a burger, it’s bound to be bunless with sauce on the side, alas she would rather enjoy a buddha bowl – but that’s what she loves! You live for wholesome salads, kombucha, new healthy trends, and snack on veggies & edamame at the party and you will choose that over the crisps any day. Invite her to your gluten-free, sugar-free brunch and she’ll be there faster than you can say “quinoa”.

The Midnight Snacker

Can’t say no to the cravings!

This insomniac waits until the rest of the house is asleep until he starts his feasting. Don’t be surprised if by morning there’s nothing left of that chocolate cake you baked today. Whether it’s a late-night binge, or just digging into the treats when no one is watching…we get you.

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