TIPS to keep the Kids busy at home!


@thenonadventuresofasahm, @mama_to_the_power_of_4 shared & explored baking with kids while on lockdown in an instagram takeover. If you missed it, below are some of their top tips and tricks: 

@thenonadventuresofasahm’s Tips for cooking & baking in the kitchen with the Kids:
  • Prepare the ingredients out first so it is ready for them
  • Each child can get their own spoon to stir
  • Step back a little bit to let them work it out themselves
  • Teach to read and understand recipes
    • Teach them terms as you go along, like the difference between “whisk” and “fold” etc.
  • Measuring helps them with ‘math’ – teach them cups, ml, grams, etc.
  • Tips to stop tears/fighting with siblings/friends:
    • Designate a head chef in the kitchen (schedule different days for them) and they get to take the lead that day/that cook.
    • Nadia has a designated chefs bowl so whoever the helper/lead chef is 
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and ownership – give your kids the choice between 2 recipes and let them decide. So from the get-go, they are in charge of the decision-making and pride in what they are doing.
  • Teach them to clean as you go, but pick recipes that are easy and flexible to avoid them from stressing. 
  • Remember what you were like as a child – take it easy. 
  • Be prepared for the mess, remember it is a fun acitvity for them, they are learning too. Cut them a break with the mess. Remember, it’s the experience and learning that’s important, not how complicated the final product is!
  • Don’t overthing things – let the kids get creative and be brave and try it. 
  • Add raisins or fruit and cut out some of the sugar 

NADIA & SIMONE’S Baking Cupboard Must-Haves:

  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Cocoa 

What are your baking ‘cupboard’/fridge essentials.