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TOP 11 of Seeds Of Change Supplier Development Partnership 2023


Food Lover’s Market is excited to announce the top 11 entrants for the third Seeds of Change Supplier Development Partnership are open for all aspiring social entrepreneurs to join our company as a supplier.

The top 11 are invited to a 5-day boot camp in Cape Town:

    • Sessions with buyers
    • Sessions with marketing teams,
    • Insights into retail trends
    • Talk with FLM CEO to hear his insights and the Food Lover’s Market story
    • FINAL PITCH DAY – the opportunity to take all you have learned throughout the workshops and boot camp, use all the passion you have for your business and your vision and pitch your business to a panel of FLM executives.
    • Same-day announcement of the winner – who will be listed as a supplier of Food Lover’s Market.


Mpho Mohaswa of Precious and Pearl Brands: (Ghemere)

Are you a ginger beer lover? Then Ghemere is for you. Precious and Pearl Brands, locally manufacture the non-alcoholic ginger beer brand Ghemere. Ghemere non-alcoholic ginger beer is available both as a concentrate and convenient ready-to-drink formula. Mohaswa, from the small town of Burgersfort in Limpopo, set out to recreate the flavour and nostalgia of traditional South African ginger beer and make it commonplace in the South African household. From humble beginnings mixing ginger beer in a garage, Mohaswa is working hard to secure Ghemere in the local retail stores to make this drink easily accessible and convenient for fellow ginger lovers. “This is more than just a juice concentrate. It’s a symbol of tradition, a celebration of heritage, and a tribute to the power of perseverance. With every sip, you can taste the love and dedication that has gone into preserving this recipe.” – Mpho

Precious and Pearl Brands have a mission to preserve a traditional recipe for generations to come, bringing a new drinking experience to the juice concentrate market.


Viljoen de Kock of Gudgu Foods 

Proudly South African, Gudgu is an acronym for “Goedheid uit die grond uit” (Goodness from the ground). Inspired by his own weight loss journey, Pieter discovered a lack of quality sugar-free cordials in the market. With a significant number of people impacted by sugar-related diseases, Gudgu aims to address this need. 

The company is ISO22000 certified, ensuring high food safety standards. Gudgu caters to various dietary preferences, including diabetic, keto, banting, and vegan lifestyles. Their product range includes cordials for cocktails, mocktails, and regular drinks, as well as sugar-free coffee and milkshakes. 

Gudgu is committed to sustainability, bottling their products exclusively in glass containers that are recyclable. These bottles are packaged in eco-friendly boxes, further promoting their environmental consciousness. 


Chantelle de Bruyn of Buttercup Farmhouse


Chantelle de Bruyn of Buttercup Farmhouse has introduced the world’s first coffee made from butternuts. Located in Bloemfontein, in the Freestate, Buttercup Farmhouse is a small-scale farm that primarily focuses on cultivating butternuts. Chantelle’s innovative coffee, made from these vegetables, has undergone testing by the South African Bureau of Standards to demonstrate its suitability for individuals with various medical conditions. Notably, this unique coffee contains zero caffeine, which Chantelle considers a game changer.

Buttercup Farmhouse has collaborated with the Food Science and Innovation Faculty of the University of the Freestate to conduct research, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in the industry. Additionally, Buttercup is actively involved in women’s development initiatives within the community, partnering with local female farmers.



Keketso Mokgothu of Mtswako Immune Booster Pty Ltd


Founder and owner, Keketso Mokgothu of Mtswako Immune Booster, is based in the Freestate. in 2020, she contracted COVID and she concocted an immune booster of honey, lemon and ginger for her family. this inspired her to get her product tested, and then commercialise the product.

Initially, she sold her product at various markets, retail stores, and an online store. Over time, the business has experienced significant financial growth and increased demand for its offerings. To support her venture, Keketso enlists the assistance of culinary students.

Keketso’s ultimate dream is to establish a farm that produces the ingredients for her immune booster, thereby owning the entire value chain from production to the final product.


Maxi-lee Machado of Nutrivita Pty Ltd


“To make healthy living delicious and easy” – Maxi-Lee Machado and her team at Nutrivita are making health matter. NutriVita is a black and women-owned agro-processing social enterprise, located at Dube Tradeport in KZN that operates in the wellness and food manufacturing and retail sector.

As a company, we exist to make healthy EASY. The range of products is delicious, affordable and conveniently accessible to all. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers (or the local Food Lover’s Market) to produce juices, smoothies, boosters and frozen tropical fruit. The products are all 100% plant-based with NO preservatives, additives, artificial flavours or colourants, refined sugars or any pasteurisation. Not only this, but the products are packaged in biodegradable sugar cane bottles and blast frozen to lock in all the nutrients.



Nokukhanya Mncwabe of Matawi Mead


The co-founder and CEO of Matawi Mead, Nokukhanya Mncwabe witnessed the effects of the worst drought experienced in the Western Cape. With the region approaching day zero, they embarked on a mission to create a spirits company that prioritised environmental friendliness, focusing on water-sparse crops.

Matawi translates to “branches” in Swahili. Matawi Honey Gin, the flagship product, is crafted from a simple blend of African honey, refreshing Cape water, and yeast. Through fermentation, this blend transforms into the exquisite golden elixir known as Matawi Still Mead. Notably, Matawi utilizes honey as a fermented base ingredient, procured from previously disadvantaged communities.

By employing sustainable practices and supporting communities, Matawi aims to make a positive impact on both the environment and society.

Matawi is proud to contribute to the preservation of South Africa’s indigenous mead-making heritage, while simultaneously drawing on contemporary wine-making, brewing, and distilling practices to bring a more sophisticated ‘iqhilika’ and ‘karri’ to a contemporary, global audience.



Paula Raubenheimer of Marty’s Distribution


Marty’s Distribution is the company behind Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice, the ultimate tomato cocktail. If you aren’t a fan of tomato juice, it’s because you haven’t tasted Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice yet.

To procure the nectar of his dreams, Martin started in a garage (like many great businesses!) with the dream of producing the very best virgin Bloody Mary’s around. According to Marty, the tomato juice options on the market are far too thick, filled with sugar and loads of preservatives. Marty’s is consciously lighter on the palate and far less chewy than other brands out there. Marty’s tomato juice has flavours Inspired by Africa, gloop-free tomato juices, is Vegan, has no added sugar and contains no preservatives.



Damian Pretorius of Mahlasedi Foundation NPO


Mahlasedi Foundation is a registered NPO and PBO Section 18 tax-exempt organisation and recognized B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor with community development as its primary objective. The organisation’s secondary objective is to work in collaboration with other organizations that mainly deal with impoverished communities to further the empowerment of said communities



Zandile Khumalo of Neighbour Roots (Pty )Ltd

Dedicated to learning Inspired by the Agri-tech sector, Zandile started her research by creating an edge to supply clean fresh produce all year through hydroponic farming. She founded her first Hydroponics business based in Sebokeng and formed a partnership with Flanagan and Gerard by creating and installing a 300m² hydroponic farm on the rooftop of Morningside Shopping Centre. Neighbour Roots has been able to grow in strides and provide many benefits that include: Produce that is free from chemicals, Harvesting lead times reduced by up to 40%, Soil-less farming – Produce is always clean, Uses less energy, Water efficient by using 90% less water than conventional farming, Can grow in small spaces, Reliable and consistent produce, Locally produced fresh, high quality and flavourful options that retain their freshness for longer periods.



Ricardo Hood Gogos of Indigenous Foods (PTY) Ltd

Gogo’s Indigenous Foods (PTY) Ltd.’s flagship product is a canned and ready-to-eat Morogo (African spinach) with a 3-year shelf life. Gogo’s Indigenous Foods is at the forefront of commercialising Morogo, preserving indigenous knowledge through the canning of traditional foods. Through partnerships with communities and smallholder farmers, the company also plays a vital role in combating unemployment.



Ndivhuweni Seaba of T C Women in Action Farming (PTY) LTD

TC Women in Action is a company that believes in the empowerment of youth development. TC Woman in Action Farming (TC Women in Action) was founded in 2014 and uses hydroponic farming methods to supply fresh produce. The main Crops that are produced are tomatoes, red/green/yellow peppers and cucumber, spring onion and lettuce. The farm is also Global Gap certified.

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