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Valentine’s Day on a Budget


Has your Valentine got expensive taste, but you haven’t recovered from Januworry? Here are some recipes to that look fabulous, but don’t have the price tag to match. Don’t forget to pick up some nuts and chocolates from our pick ‘n mix section. 

Inspired by Lady and the Tramp, why not keep it romantic with a classic Italian Spaghetti Bolognese or Homemade Italian Meatballs?

Or perhaps enjoy this simple Penne with Tomato Ragu (one pan, and it’s simpler than it sounds): 

More than one course really elevates a supper to “dinner occasion”. Topping bruschettas are really simple and easy on the pocket, simply purchase baguettes, or ciabattas from Food Lover’s along with some garlic and olive oil.

Here are some great topping suggestions for your bruschetta.

You can find great deals on wine at Market Liquors.

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