Valentines with Friends

Having people over can always be a little daunting. So make it easy on yourself with something easy to cook, and something liked by most. It’s great to enjoy a platter with food you can enjoy with your hands and create some interaction over the meal, so really build a great atmosphere at your get-together. Not only does this build a great atmosphere, but it saves one person spending all the time in the kitchen!


Burger Night! Homemade burger patties with an array of toppings to choose from. You can all get involved and enjoy some DIY burgers. Play this game to make it more interesting:

If you’re all mates: pick a name out a hat and you have to make the burger for that person!

If you’re couples: Each person’s partner must make the burger for their partner as they would (hopefully) like. Great fun for blind dates too!


Cheese Platter: We all love cheese, who doesn’t? And when your friends see a platter like this they will fall in love with food even more.

Or the ultimate dessert? Bond around the fire and toast your marshmallows, and make s’mores! For something more indulgent, you can all bond around a chocolate fondue!

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